Saturday, December 18, 2004

A year (well, less than half, really) of WL...

Want to re-live the highlights of this year of WL? We've compiled a quick post featuring our favourite moments...

Whatever's Left started Pablo Honey-like with an incredibly rubbish first post, but soon kicked into action, with some rather random praising of Alex Parks, Mousse T, and forgotten Robbie Williams number one hits. Yes, seriously.

WL soon began to take shape with the arrival of Leo, who began his legacy of...well, being there in 'spirit' with this message:

'I appear to have joined Hannah the team over at Whatever's Left. It really is very good - you should check it out. Well, obviously it's not that good yet because my invitation hasn't arrived from Blogger and I haven't posted anything. But I see potential. ;)'

Pay careful attention to the 'haven't posted anything' part, folks!

After some bizarre fake-music video awards, courtesy of the enigma otherwise known as Richard Parker, I began my weekly UK Top 75 coverage. This proved handy, as we must be one of the only sites on the web who (normally!) give credit to those artists who lie outside of the top 40!

Moving into September, we began an obsession with the download chart, and managed to talk about Robbie Williams so much it was sickening. We also mused over retro kids' gameshows and plugged some more obscure acts, like Box Five and Reindeer Section. I decided to be a little more creative and review the Scissor Sisters, while Jamie Scott joined the team.

Jamie began various writing work, including album and single reviews, before aiding me in my week-long pisstake of Jessica Simpson. Soon we reached over 1000 hits, and nominated ourself in the DMAs, which was hardly an amazing idea, but it made us giggle at the time.

October was a month of llamas, Supergrass, Robbie (again!) and Dogs Die in Hot Cars. It was also the time of Jamie starting his new trend, and putting his negativity to good use, forming Jamie's non-single of the week, and managing to ridicule both Rachel Stevens and Daniel Bedingfield in under 28 days. There's also a variety of single reviews on the October Archive, so get your backside over there!

Also in October, Leo returned with his amazing 'half-term of pop' post, and, not content with just bullying Jessica, we moved onto her little sister. And if anybody cares, we came 485th in the DMAs, similar to what would happen if any of us tried a cross-country run.

Into November, and I was onto films, reviewing Shark Tale. There was a brief hallucination as I found myself liking McFly and hating Chris Martin. Nooo! Peace and harmony was restored, however, when I had the time of my life seeing Keane in Cambridge. Leo reviewed Gwen Stefani and Jamie ridiculed Blue. Meanwhile, I found myself preferring the Darkness' support band.

In December, we welcomed Svetlana, insulted the Cheeky Girls (again!), felt a bit sorry for Nadia and still carried on the tradition of single of the weekin the meantime. Well, ONE person did. No prizes for guessing who. Check out the December Archive.

So, where is WL heading? Well, we're rounding off this year with a series of lists rounding up what's been great about the 2004 music scene, thank yous to our blogging friends and the usual crud that oozes from my fingers. Next year? Who knows? We have a one-week MP3 feature in the pipeline, along with more of what we've done this year.

Thank you for visiting - without you, WL would probably not have lasted this long!