Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hannah's Single of the Week (14/01/05)

Special Mentions:
Athlete - 'Wires'
There's something instantly dislikable about this song, and Athlete in general. I don't have a problem with the band - it's just that their music has such potential, then it just seems to fail to go anywhere, and doesn't really develop. And this, coming from a girl who likes Travis, isn't a good thing. It's not amazing, it's just bearable, with a few nice touches, but there's a heck of a lot of boredom involved... 2.5/5

Feeder - 'Tumble and Fall'
Feeder are always going to be the makers of the best power-pop record ever - 'Just for a Day' - and if they miss that out of their setlist this weekend in Cardiff, I will be extremely disappointed, but what has happened since, seems to be a transformation into something closer to Coldplay. This isn't necessarily bad, of course, and at least 'Tumble and Fall' is discernable from the soundalike releases from 'Comfort in Sound'. However, Feeder have started some kind of descent into blandness, even if they are an easy listen. 3/5

Single of the Week
Mooney Suzuki - 'Alive and Amplified'
This time last week, I had heard of the Mooney Suzuki, but I'd never actually heard them, if you follow me. So, while watching mtv2 to try and pick up on some slightly more obscure music than usual, minus the ad breaks, I discovered this song. It's proof that you can win me over with something odd, wacky or just plain outrageous. This tune, especially when accompanied by its video, is all three and is almost the result of what happens when you mix the Kings of Leon and Scissor Sisters. Mind you, I'm in agreement with Alan of UK SOTW - it's not something that's a memorable classic, but it's incredibly good fun! 4/5

Avoid at ALL costs:
Ashlee Simpson - 'LaLa'
Now, we've never been fans of Ashlee here at WL, as you probably know, but I was determined to judge 'LaLa' on its musical benefits rather than the voice (bad choice of word there, I think) behind the, erm, song. Being completely fair, I can conclude that it is musically an insult to guitar-pop and should be avoided, unless you want a headache. Lyrically, it is the most childish thing I've heard in a long, long time. 1/5

The Others - 'Lackey'
So, like almost every other typical B-List band, it was inevitable that Dominic Masters would end up trying to be funny on Never Mind The Buzzcocks...with not much luck. Without his overwhelming presence on this record, it could be similar to, and almost as good as Franz Ferdinand. However, his vocals manage to wreck it completely and I've been left thinking that The Others are all hype and no quality. Maybe they should take advantage of the talents of a certain Mr Kapranos? 1/5

Complete Release Listings:
Andrew Bird - Sovay, Ashlee Simpson - LaLa, Athlete - Wires, Beck - Gospel, Ben Watt - Pop A Cap In Yo Ass, Bjork - Triumph Of The Heart, Chemical Brothers - Galvanise, Ciara - Goodies, Dead Fly Buchowski - Blackout, El Presidente - Rocket [Ltd Ed 10” only], Elvis Presley - A Fool Such As I, Feeder - Tumble And Fall, Gruff Rhys - Gwn Mi Wn/Ni Yw Y Byd [7” only], Har Mar Superstar - Body Request, Ian Brown - Time Is My Everything, Immediate - Never Seen/Say This [7” only], Live Ambient Workshop - Nighthawkes EP [7” only], Lovefreekz - Shine, Lucie Silvas - Breathe In, Mates of State - All Day EP, Mercury Rev - In A Funny Way, Mooney Suzuki - Alive And Amplified, The Others - Lackey, Roots Manuva - Colossal Insight, Sights - Circus/Everything, Soulwax - E Talking, Stewart Francke - Safely Home, Stonebridge Ft Therese - Take Me Away, The Used - Take It Away

(All releases, complete with songs listened to by myself and songs I don't like much)

What's your single of the week?