Monday, January 24, 2005

Hannah's Single of the Week (24/01/05)

It's one of those weeks where the shelves of Woolworths, and any other sub-standard high street store that just happens to sell cds, will be stocked to brim with boybands, or boybands-that aren't-because-they-have-guitars. To be honest, most we haven't even credited with a listen, but if you like that sort of thing, please head over to Dirrrty Pop where our dear friend Jessica will inform you of what's good and bad, because we're reluctant to even try. Also, I apologise for the inaccuracies in last week's release schedule - I'm only going on the information I'm provided with, and it is often subject to change without me noticing!

Single of the Week:
Hanson - 'Penny and Me' video here
There is only one thing I've heard, out this week, that I've remotely liked, and this is it. Ashamed as I am to admit it, this is pop, the way it should be done, and it's pretty damn good. The boys we once saw in 1997, singing 'Mmmbop', have now reached the ages of 24, 21 and 19, having released several albums on the quiet, and utilising the internet to keep hold of a strong fanbase. 'Penny and Me' is a real pick-me-up. Something cheery that urges you to sing along. It's guitar-pop that's to be enjoyed, no matter if it's from some boys whose major hit is now the soundtrack to an advert for chewing gum. And, with the demise of Busted, it's good to see something new from their predecessors, especially when it outshines the music of every mimic that followed. They've matured nicely, weaving together simple harmonies, piano and guitar with some sophistication, but without losing the zesty poppiness that reminds you of when you were just that little bit younger. And this, my friends, cannot be a bad thing. 4/5

Avoid at ALL costs:
Ashlee Simpson - 'La La'
It's out this week apparently, but the same applies as of last week, though clearly TOTP are verging on going insane by making it their latest four star single. 1/5

Amsterdam - The Journey, Apartment - Everyone Says I'm Paranoid/June July, Ashanti - Only You, Ashlee Simpson - Lala, Breed 77 - Shadows, Biffy Clyro - Only One Word Comes To Mind, Buff Medways - I’m A Lie Detector [7” only], Butch Cassidy Sound system - Rockers Galore [Ltd Ed], Commander Tom - Attention, D:Rail - How Do I Say Goodbye, David Kitt - Dancing In The Moonlight, Editors - Bullets, Elvis Presley - It’s Now Or Never, Emanuel - Hey Man/New Violence, Freefaller - Do This Do That, HAL - What A Lovely Dance, Hanson - Penny And Me, Ian Broudie - Song For No One, Juliet Turner - Vampire, Lemon Jelly - Shouty Track, Lovefreekz - Shine, Midnight Movies - Mirage, Mos Def - Sex, Love And Money, Mylo - Destroy Rock and Roll, Phixx - Strange Love, Sia - Numb, Sunshine - Electric Kill Kill EP, Wedding Present - I’m Further North Than You, X-Zibit - Hey Now (Mean Muggin’)

So, what's YOUR single of the week?