Monday, January 31, 2005

Hannah's Single of the Week (31/01/05)

Finally, we've reached the end of January and are set to review its last new releases. We've actually been waiting a LONG time for today. Why? There's some good things that are worth reviewing, that's why. It's also the start of some big things for several groups that have previously survived with their cult followings and we're especially interested to see if they make it into the mainstream.

Special Mentions:
Bloc Party - 'So Here We Are' (video available here)
The band who brought us 'Helicopter' show a dreamy side more reminiscent of Radiohead. It's a song so eerily similar, in fact, that it's verging on being scary. Bloc Party, however, are not Radiohead. This diversity within their own work, exhibited by their last two singles alone, seems to prove them worthy of the hype that's been surrounding them since the end of last year. 'So Here We Are' is something that isn't worth shouting out to the world about, but it's definitely a positive sign of what is yet to come. 3/5

Eminem - 'Like Toy Soldiers' (video available here)
The use of Martika on this track was sheer genius - it's the almost the new 'Stan'. However, the marching band style beats are just a tiny bit overbearing and the track still leaves me wondering whether I truly prefer Marshall's more sarcastic, or even occasionally flippant style, or the more serious songs with a message, or even whether I really like Eminem at all. Somehow I find myself just waiting for the chorus, which, of course, is from a completely different song. 2.5/5

Good Charlotte - 'I Just Wanna Live' (video available here)
It's possibly the best thing they've done, even if Q claims it's cheesy. Well, of course it's cheesy - the lead singer's dressed as a pizza! The video is actually a really funny watch, especially if you enjoy laughing at pop-punkers dressed up in food costumes satirising ever possible aspect of manufactured pop. They even manage to throw in a brilliant Ashlee Simpson reference! As for the song, it sounds different from whatever Good Charlotte usually churn out, with a different vocal style and the loud-and-proud message that they're 'real'. Maybe they're somewhere on the borderline. It's worth a listen, but the fun's all in the video. 3/5

Single of the Week:
Patrick Wolf - 'The Libertine' (video available here)
After a shaky start, and some confusion about release dates, we can happily confirm 'The Libertine' is out, and should be bought by every single one of you. I could happily hype about this single, and the forthcoming album it's taken from, until the end of next month, but instead, I'm going to be fairly short and to the point. Patrick Wolf's unique brand of electro-folk (ably assisted by a laptop) is something fresh, quirky and exciting. This single, 'The Libertine' is accompanied by a video so bizarre, it's almost scary. Does the video really matter? Nope. Patrick has created some beautiful, true music, with an introduction full of suspense, escalating into a sweeping, complex, fully-formed cult classic, with a chorus almost as grandiose as something by Muse, except without the thrashy guitars. There's something new and exciting about this track to be found during every listen and the fact that I've been listening to it repeatedly for over a month and still adore it proves that it's easily going to be one of the best things out this year. Ignore it at your peril. 5/5

Avoid at ALL costs:
Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden - 'Almost Here'
We're not picking on Bryian...hold on, yes, we are. While the stories of the ex-Westlife singer, ex-Atomic Kitten member Kerry and Delta seem to rule the tabloids and low-brow magazines, he is, surprise surprise, still actually releasing records. And no, they're not actually any good. Whilst being joined by Delta here, who previously we wouldn't have had any problems with, we're now disappointed by her lack of taste. It's not Robbie and Kylie - please leave it on the shelf, or face the consequences... 1/5

Release Listings: (may be subject to change)
22-20’s - Such A Fool, Bloc Party - So Here We Are, Cam’Ron - Girls, Chocolate Monday - Your Place Or Mine, Deeyah - Plan Of My Own, Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden - Almost Here, Duran Duran - What Happens Tomorrow, El Presidente - Rocket [Ltd Ed 10” only], Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight?, Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers, Erick Morillo Ft Terra Deva - What Do You Want?, Funky G Ft Shauna Jenson - Everytime, Ga Gas - Sex, Galaxy Records Star Search Finalists - Guardian Angel, Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live, Hammerfall - Blood Bound, Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby, Heather Small - Proud, Hugh Cornwell - (Under Her) Spell, Kimberley Locke - Coulda Been, Lil John Ft The East Side Boys - Roll Call/What U Gon’ Do, Marvia Providence - Hear My Cry, Oh Lord, Mattafix - 11:30/Dirtiest Trick In Town [7” only], Patrick Wolf - The Libertine, Sunshine - Electric Kill Kill EP, The Wedding Present - I’m Further North Than You, Your Code Name Is:Milo - Rapt Dept

All this week's new releases, including ones I've listened to, and ones I don't like.

What's YOUR single of the week?