Friday, January 07, 2005

Somebody told me...

Somebody told me something late last night, with regards to me packing it all in and going elsewhere.

What is this blog? A blog that reviews the latest releases heading for the UK charts and what they do when they get there. It certainly isn't a full-blown coverage of a load of signed and unsigned bands you aren't going to necessarily going to see in the charts. If a band has a new single out, sure, we'll review it, if somebody will send us the video or a page with an audio sample. We can't review something we haven't even heard.

There are a TON of blogs and websites that cover bands that don't necessarily get the recognition they deserve, and that's where people who like them should go, and stay. People seem to like what we're doing. So what if I do have the tastes I do? I'm going to stick up for myself for once. I'll stay. To please my readers. To show I'm not a little coward. And possibly because there's too much interesting stuff out on Monday.

I just always wonder - do fans of the unrecognised bands stop liking them as soon as they become a regular feature in NME?