Sunday, January 02, 2005

UK Top 75 (02/01/05)

So, here we go - the first chart of the year 2005. As there are extremely few new releases this week, and those that do exist aren't anything amazing, this week's chart is one full of new entries and climbers, providing us with just as much to write about as any other Sunday. They can't give a girl a rest, can they?

The Scissor Sisters are the first welcome re-entry to the chart with one of their older singles, 'Comfortably Numb', at 74 while Naughty by Nature are new (?) at 71 with 'O.P.P'. Re-entries also come from McFly with 'That Girl' at 69, and Ultrabeat with their 2003, yes, 2003, hit single 'Pretty Green Eyes' at 68. J-Kwon is back with 'Tipsy' at 67 and DJ Zinc ft Eksman has entered the chart at 66.

I Dream, Jay Z, Source ft Candi Staton, Fabolous, Danzel and Delerium ft Sarah McLachlan, Dizzee Rascal, Stonebridge, House of Pain and Khia are all climbers in the lower region of this week's chart.

Dillinja is new at 54 with 'Thugged Out Bitch'/'Rainforest'. Two very, erm, contrasting titles, I'm sure you'll agree.

The only new entries in the entire top 40 come from Secret Machines at 38 with 'Sad and Lonely' and Jet at 37 with their slightly mediocre new single 'Get Me Outta Here'.

Britney Spears has a re-entry into the top 40 at 35 with 'My Prerogative'. There's further movement in the mid-chart as well, with Jojo, 100 Percent, Blue, Michael Gray, Geri and Jamelia all climbing. 3rd Wish, Usher, Eric Prydz, Christina Aguilera, Snoop Dogg and Gwen Stefani have also improved their chart position.

Nelly and Christina return to the top 10 with 'Tilt Ya Head Back' at 9, as do United Nations with 'Out of Touch' at 7. Green Day, Ice Cube and Kylie all rise one place each, further shaking up the upper regions of the chart.

At the top of the chart is where the week's biggest surprise lies. Steve Brookstein has managed higher singles sales than Band Aid 20, climbing to number one (a rare feat) and leaving them at number two. Luckily enough, this IS a week of extremely low sales, whereas last week was enough to propel Steve into the top 100 bestselling singles, so I suppose we should be thankful that this number one doesn't mean an awful lot. And we are. Sadly we can't feel the same about last week's sales...
This week's Top 75

2004 Bestselling Albums:
Keane top this official chart, followed by the Scissor Sisters and Robbie Williams. A rather satisfying top 3, really. Other highly recommended entries come from Snow Patrol's slow-burner 'Final Straw' (9), Franz Ferdinand (17) and Damien Rice (23). A pleasant surprise came from Coldplay, whose 2002 album, 'Rush of Blood to the Head' has settled at 82, shifting more copies from the shelves than the Corrs (86) and Faithless (98). It's an interesting look at what has been going on, especially with varying weekly cd sales.

2004 Bestselling Singles:
This little list is conclusive proof that 80% of the singles market are tweenagers with 'questionable' taste. A fair chunk the top 20 are one hit wonders, and the only decent singles in sight come from Britney, Natasha Bedingfield and The Streets. It also provides a fair bit of evidence that the singles market is dying, partly because of the amount of trash released into it, and that those with taste are opting for the albums. Keane, who top the album chart, have only one entry, at 80, while the Scissor Sisters are nowhere in sight. Mind you, it's intriguing to know who actually sold enough records to get into the top 20, however much of a painful reminder it is when you find out.