Tuesday, January 18, 2005

UK Top 75 (16/01/05)

So, here it is - the 1000th number one, along with its accompanying chart. Of course, you'll all know who it is, but just in case you don't, or you're one of our readers from overseas, we won't spoil the surprise...

There's little activity in the lower regions of the chart with new entries from Minnie Driver, at 68 with 'Invisible Girl' and Elvis Presley with 'That's Alright' at 54. Elvis appears a total of 3 times on this week's chart. Bugz in the Attic are also new at 44 with 'Booty La La'.

The first new entry in the top 40 comes from Pink Grease with 'Strip' at 36, closely followed by Jamie Scott at 33 with 'Searching'. Maybe it isn't going to be his year after all? Longview are at 32 with their double A side single 'Coming Down'/'When You Sleep' and Narcotic Thrust struggle to match the sales of 'I Like It', entering at 28 with 'When The Dawn Breaks'.

Roni Size and Beverly Knight are new at 26 with 'No More', while the Kings of Leon chart just a little higher at 24, with their 2-minute (or so I'm told) wonder 'Four Kicks'. Client (with some slightly dodgy backing vocals from Carl Barat) and their new single 'Pornography' are at 22.

The Music are 'Breakin'' into the top 20 (yes, we know, bad pun) at 20, while Thirteen Senses have their new single 'Thru The Glass' only place at 18 - a little lower than they might have liked if they're really planning to be the 'next Keane'. Mind you, it's an improvement from the 30-something placings of their last two tracks. Pop! struggle on with their best tune so far (complete with cash-infused video), 'Serious', entering the chart at 16.

Darius has a shock top 10 entry (well, for WL, anyway!) with 'Live Twice' at 7, while Soul Central feat. Kathy Brown are at 6 with 'Strings of Life (Stronger on my Own)'. Rooster make an unwelcome return to the charts at 5 with a song called 'Staring at the Sun'. We haven't heard it, and no, we don't want to, either.

So, on to the top 3. We're very pleased that the Killers have entered the chart at 3 with their 'killer' (oh yes, I'm full of them today...) tune, 'Somebody Told Me', a whole 25 places higher than the song's original peak position. The Manic Street Preachers celebrate their second top 3 hit on the trot with 'Empty Souls' which charts at 2, this week. Predictably, once again, Elvis is number one and the holder of the title of '1000th Number One'. We predict that in three months time the UK will be sick of the sight of him, and every one of his number ones. No offence to The King, and all that, but is this really necessary?