Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Leo's Single of the Week SPECIAL

It's only a SPECIAL in that I hardly ever post here nowadays so any time I do is a special occasion. Though not special as in 'good'. Anyway, once Hannah's picked herself up off the floor after the shock of seeing a post by me, I'll continue:

Usher - 'Caught Up'
Once again, Usher is releasing some new 'music' to try and thwart Girls Aloud's bid for the top spot. Having said that, 'Caught Up' is slightly less offensive to the ear than some of his previous stuff. And the Caught up! bits are a glimmer of pop wholesomeness in an otherwise dull, if pretty innocuous, song. 1.3/5
(Please note this in the minutes - 'Leo gives diplomatic-ish Usher review'.)

Kaiser Chiefs - 'Oh My God'
I can only remember the 'Oh my God, I can't...' line, so the rest of the song may well be rubbish, but with a catchy chorus, you can't really go wrong. 4/5

Verbalicious - 'Don't Play Nice'
It's so wrong of me and I feel so dirty. But... I quite like this. In fact, I just downloaded the mp3. Yes, I know - don't look at me like that, I feel bad enough as it is. I expect I'll have seen sense by tomorrow.
The lyrics are a bit dodgy though. 'Waiting for the bassline, speakers that can dry my hair.' What? 'Spittin' too early is considered a crime.' Pardon? 3.6/5

The Futureheads - 'Hounds of Love'
I'm not totally sure about this one. On the one hand, I think it's a great interpretation of a fantastic song. But part of me thinks, 'This is Kate's song, get your thieving mitts off and write your own!' It's probably a good thing though since it's reminding the world of Kate Bush ahead of her new album. So, buy it. But not all of you. We don't want it to do better in the charts than Kate's original did (No 18 - a crime). 4.7/5

Leo's Single of the Week:
Girls Aloud - 'Wake Me Up'
I considered giving the SOTW to the Futureheads but I just couldn't quite bring myself to do it. Not only would it be betraying the Aloud but it would a kind ofbetrayal of Kate. Somehow. And anyway, it's bloody good, and the video is suitably cheap and nasty and brilliant. I find myself slightly hypnotised by Nicola's breasts which is inappropriate on several levels. But back to the song: It's very nearly pop perfection and it's not Usher - two reasons to buy it and make it Number One this weekend. 4.9/5