Sunday, February 20, 2005

UK Top 75 (20/02/05)

Albums Chart Positions:
In another shock turn in sales, Scissor Sisters have knocked Keane from the top spot to once again claim the title of No 1 Album. 'Hopes and Fears' is at 2 this week. The highest new entry is, unsurprisingly, from Bloc Party. 'Silent Alarm' is predicted to be one of the biggest albums of 2005 - it hasn't had a bad start. There's not much change in the top 10 - firm favourites Franz Ferdinand, Green Day and The Killers show no signs of shifting, while Joss Stone, U2 and Gwen Stefani climb ever higher. Gwen has a new video out - 'Rich Girl' which is worth a watch. Check out the full chart here.

Singles Chart Positions:
First into the top 75 this week are House of Love with 'Love You Too Much', new at 73. Felix Da Housecat is new at 62 with 'Ready2Wear' while my current Single of the Week from Aberfeldy - 'Love Is An Arrow' - is new at 60.

'Loneliness', the latest offering from Ed Harcourt, is new at 59, while Kings of Tommorow chart at 55 with 'Thru'. Just missing out on the top 40 are New Found Glory with 'I Don't Wanna Know' (48) and Grounded with 'I Need A Girl' (43).

Managing a top 40 placing, New Rhodes are at 38 with 'You've Given Me Something That I Can't Give Back'. Meanwhile, Mark Joseph, you know, the one who got into the top 40 all by himself, is back once again with his latest single 'Lady Lady' charting at 36 this week.

Death From Above 1979 are at 33 with 'Blood On Our Hands', while Biffy Clyro crash into the top 30 once again with their latest no-more-than-mediocre single, 'Only One Word Comes to Mind'. It's brand new at 27, this week.

Serving as even more proof that hip hop artists can't seem to go it alone, Trick Daddy, Twista and Lil' Jon are new at 26 with 'Let Go'. At 23, this week, Willy Mason makes an impressive impact on the chart with his debut, 'Oxygen'. I'm not a fan, but it deserves the top 20 a lot more than some of things in there at the moment. Maybe it'll be this year's 'Cannonball'? I'm not sure.

Embrace narrowly miss out on the top 10 with their latest offering 'Looking As You Are'. They're at 11, this week. Here's an Embrace related challenge - how many times is 'Looking As Your Are' actually mentioned in the entire song? I'm interested, but just can't face listening to it again...

The re-hash of 'Cradle', from Atomic Kitten, makes its way neatly into the top 10, at 10. The rest of this week's bestsellers are basically R&B, mediocre pop, or awful trance. Elvis is at 2. Jennifer Lopez is at 1. I couldn't care less, to be honest...

The full chart is here.