Wednesday, February 02, 2005

UK Top 75 (30/01/05)

Just in case you haven't heard, we'll begin with the least important news of the week. Elvis is number 1, again, and yes, with ridiculously low sales. It may interest the reader to know that the other latest singles from Elvis are placed at 20 and 40 plummeting down the chart faster than anything else on release. Obviously this is because there's a limited supply of copies, but still, it proves just how little everything else is selling in 2005. The inevitable death of the singles chart appears to have begun, and it's not looking good, is it?

'New Salute' by Little Barrie is at 73 while D:Rail join the list of unsuccessful boybands, only managing to chart at 63 with 'How Do I Say Goodbye'. Editors are new at 54 with 'Bullets'. 'Take It Away' by The Used narrowly misses out on the top 40, charting at 44. Breed 77 also miss out. Their latest single 'Shadows' is new at 42.

New at 36 is 'What a Lovely Dance' by Hal, a song which, upon listening to a short clip appears to be in the same vein as both The Thrills and Travis. At 33 is Houston with his latest single 'Ain't Nothing Wrong' while Amsterdam/Ricky - 'The Journey'/'Stop Knocking the Walls Down' is at 32.

Feeder have made a spectacular 'Tumble and Fall' (see what we did there?) a whole 20 places this week, to 25. Just missing out on the top 20 are Lemon Jelly, with 'The Shouty Track', new at 21.

Phixx, still surviving, and possibly now outselling their rivals, One True Voice, even though that's not too hard, scrape their way into the top 20 with their latest single 'Strange Love'. Meanwhile Mylo has a surprise hit at 15 with 'Destroy Rock and Roll'. Ashlee Simpson thankfully misses out on the top 10 (and a lot more potential radioplay) by entering at 11 with 'La La'.

Into the top 10, and first to play are Hanson, at 10, a little lower than we might have liked, but still a proud placing after their long absence from our chart. New at 9 is Xzibit with 'Hey Now (Mean Muggin)' and Freefaller (possibly the worst Busted imitation yet) stumble into the charts at 8 with 'Do This Do That'. Lovefreekz are new at 6 with 'Shine'.

I wasn't actually aware of what 'Grief Grows Old' by One World Project was, because, to be truthful, it hasn't been heavily publicised, at least not in my circles. Even upon attending the Tsunami Relief concert, and seeing the video on those large screens, nobody actually explained what it was. Hopefully, the fact that it's reached the chart position of 4 this week will alert more people to its release. I can't say I like it, but if it's doing some good, it's doing some good.

Ashanti narrowly misses out on the top spot with 'Only U' at 2, this week.

Elvis Presley is number one with 'It's Now or Never'.