Friday, March 18, 2005


Today is the day that Whatever's Left officially has 10,000 hits. We have had for some time, if you include the fact we had 300 or so on our previous counter, but anyway, what I mean to say is as follows:

I know it's nothing in the grand scheme of things - in a world where several of our blogging buddies get that many hits per month, or even every week, but the big 10,000 means a lot to us. Why? Because we've never really offered anything except our own opinions, and the odd piece of information you could easily get somewhere else and yet people seem to be coming back, and linking us, and that's great. When I set up this site over six months ago, I could have never possibly imagined it being this successful. We've got fans in India, in Hong Kong, and in Brazil, which is absolutely fascinating, and I've met some awesome people through this little hobby, including, but not limited to, Jules, Simon, Dan and Jonny.

So, THANK YOU! It's the people who read this thing that have put us here and kept us motivated. Hopefully we'll reach 12 months of blogging and take the DMAs seriously this time!

Here's to the next 10,000!