Thursday, March 03, 2005


Hey! I'm just about surviving having been hit by a cold, computer problems and several coursework deadlines all in the space of one week! Excuses, excuses, I know, but what can a girl do?

If you are looking for new WL content I've updated my mp3 player page and Woodshed has posted something that may interest the Manics fans among you on We Love 1997.

Since there's no full chart coverage I would love to express my disappointment at the absence of Patrick Wolf from this week's top 75 albums. Wind in the Wires is quirky, a great listen and the critics seem to like what are you waiting for? I'm also a little angered by the failure of the British public to notice the wonderful Miss Charlotte Hatherley, who only charted at 31 in the singles charts. Kaiser Chiefs and Futureheads made the top 10 though, so that's some consolation.

This week my single of the week just has to be 'Dakota' from the Stereophonics (I'm a shoot me) but special mentions go out to Annie for 'Heartbeat' and possibly Fatboy Slim. Avoid Britney Spears, and not just for the reasons pointed out by Leo in the post below. I'm not too keen on that song featuring Mr Kapranos either, even if he does sound fantastic in it.

All back to normal next week - I hope!