Saturday, March 05, 2005

All Ticketed Out...

Well, I can safely say there'll be a fair few live reviews in the coming months. So far the gig schedule is looking like:

4th April - Derby Assembly Rooms:
Manic Street Preachers and Delays
30th April - Nottingham Arena:
Kasabian and guests
5th July - Bolton Reebok Stadium:
Coldplay and guests

The latter was a LOT of hassle, believe me. Let's just have Garbage perform somewhere other than Download and my year will be complete!

In Other News:
Chart addicts may be interested to know Radio 1 have yet again revamped the chart show. For the worse? You'll only know if you tune in on Sunday at 4pm. JK and Joel are presenting, which says it all, really.

If you link We Love 1997, we will link you back. Over the next few weeks we'll be starting some promo for this little blog. More content, more links and maybe a livening up of the layout. Stay tuned.