Thursday, March 24, 2005

A few notices...

We Love 1997
Our spin-off team blog (which I will contribute to soon, I promise!) is growing faster than we could ever imagine, thanks to the involvement of Spoilt Victorian Child and the promising endorsement from the legendary Largehearted Boy. There's a new post up today, from Woodshed, featuring a bit of Mogwai, if you're interested...

After an unexpected search, I have discovered Whatever's Left is now the top result on Google when you search 'whatever's left'. It's even above its namesake, which is startling, really. Anyway, it's unexpected, but I'm very happy.

Callum Sinclair
Our dear, dear friend Mr Callum Sinclair has been re-recording and polishing his best tunes for a demo album. This version of one of my favourites of his, 'Sweet Valium', is easily his best yet, and if you're a fan of piano-based pop music then I think you'll like it too. You can download it here.