Wednesday, March 16, 2005

UK Top 75 (13/03/05)

Albums Chart:
No matter how rubbish both the artist and cover artwork may be, some records still manage to get to number one. The artist in question, this week, is 50 Cent. Kaiser Chiefs manage to still make the top 3 with their debut, 'Employment'. Idlewild's latest effort, entitled 'Warnings/Promises' has entered the chart at 9.

A huge leap in sales has allowed Mario's 'Turning Point' to become the week's biggest climber, surging upwards from 66 to 8. The Futureheads also make a welcome return to the album charts with their self-titled debut, re-released and new at 11. Rufus Wainwright is new at 22 with his latest release, 'Want Two'.

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Singles Chart:
Acts making the top 75 this week include:
Cuban Heels, Nate James, Jon B, Planet Funk, Agent Blue, Sub Focus, Jin, The Donnas, C-Sixty Four, James Blunt and Mitchell Brothers/Kano/Streets.

Other notable new entries come from My Chemical Romance at 19, Dirrrty Pop favourite Tyler James at 16 and Howard Brown (aka that-bloke-from-the-Halifax-ads) at 13.

Creeping into the top 10 are Phantom Planet with 'California', the theme tune from The OC, and New Order with 'Krafty', which I quite like. Sunset Strippers are new with 'Falling Stars' which is suspiciously similar to 'Star To Fall'. Silly dance music. Elvis is at 2. McFly are number one. Back to the usual load of crap that finds itself at the top of the charts, then. Also, people may be pleased to know there's aren't too many Elvis releases left to go. The most curious chart placing will be that of 'A Little Less Conversation' which only actually topped the charts not very long ago...

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