Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Hannah's Single of the Week (04/04/05)

Let me be honest here - it's hardly the best week for releases in the singles market. I would advise you to wander down to your local record shop and buy an album, such as the latest from Martha Wainwright, or make a pre-order for the forthcoming release from Do Me Bad Things, but since I feel obliged to review what is out this week, here is a brief track-by-track summary.

The Bees - 'Chicken Payback'
If you fancy a one-dimensional song about a dance about monkeys, piggies, camels and, of course, chickens, then listen, by all means. I just think it sounds like sub-standard country rock with a very weird and, if I'm being picky, incaccurate video. Come on, it's an insult to dance machines... 2/5

Feeder - 'Feeling A Moment'
More generic new-Feeder with a little more motion to it than 'Tumble and Fall'. It's nice, but becomes boring incredibly quickly. 2.5/5

Garbage - 'Why Do You Love Me?'
It's my single of the week by default. While it's nice to see the return of Shirley Manson and the boys there's not too much to like about this. The thrashy main riff isn't exciting enough to hold your interest for the entire song and the chorus is basically a simple chant, void of all soul and meaning. Where the song might have redeemed itself during the middle-eight, that guitar riff rudely interrupts and spoils the whole thing. Lyrically, Garbage are floundering. Heaven only knows how they still manage to be the best thing this week. 3/5

Melanie C - 'Next Best Superstar'
Ex-Spice tries to do the 'rock chick' thing and fails, miserably. That's all there is to say. 1/5

The Others - 'William'
Sometimes I have a guilty feeling that if The Others got rid of their frontman, and swopped him for another, I just might like them. However, while he is there, his overbearing presence is just going to put me off trying to make any kind of constructive criticism. Bah. 2/5

So, as someone put it to me earlier this week - there often ARE better songs, but I just haven't heard them. So, what have I missed?

All Releases: (may be subject to change - all listened to in bold)
The Bees - Chicken Payback, Box Codax - Boys & Girls, Clem Snide - Fill Me With Your Light, The Departure - Lump In My Throat, Elton John - Turn The Lights Out When You Leave, Elvis Presley - Crying In The Chapel, Feeder - Feeling A Moment, Garbage - Why Do You Love Me?, Jose Gonzales - Crosses [7” only], Kelis - In Public, Longview - Falling For You [7” only], Melanie C - Next Best Superstar, Natasha Bedingfield - I Bruise Easily, One Self - Be Your Own, The Others - William, Outrage - Stop Smokin’, People In Planes - Talking Heads, Presidents Of The United States of America - Love Everybody, Pure Reason Revolution - The Bright Ambassadors Of Morning [DVD only], Riff Random - Trash Heart EP, Silent League - Catbird Seat [7” only], Sophie B Hawkins - Beautiful Girl, Stix Ft Corrine Bailey Rae - Young and Foolish, Tim McGraw - Live Like You Were Dying, Vatican DC - We Carnival EP, Vitalic - My Friend Dario