Saturday, June 04, 2005

Bring on July...

My last exam takes place on 24th June, so I've decided that I'll be back to full time blogging shortly after that date, or at least until I get dragged to foreign (or not-so-foreign) shores to meet a variety of relatives and Disney characters.

Thanks to Simon of SVC for reminding me I still have this thing and an incurable desire to blog about chart goings-on. Until I'm back for good, however, I recommend visiting We Love 1997, where I occasionally write, but is mostly taken care of by the fabulous Woodshed.

As for what I've been doing in my absence...
I saw the fabulous Manic Street Preachers. Although, strictly speaking, that was before I left, I never got to blog about the entire experience. It was wild, fantastic and featured a setlist packed with songs from 'The Holy Bible'. I've also been exercising my inner-Britpopper by seeing Supergrass on their latest tour, playing a fine selection of their greatest hits (minus 'Alright', funnily enough) and pleasing crowds of drunken students. The day after, suitably tired, I celebrated my last day of compulsary education by taking a trip up to Stoke to see the amazing Dogs Die In Hot Cars. I had the best view of any gig I had ever been to, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

As for the music I've been buying - there's not been a lot of it. I've acquired the entire Manic Street Preachers albums back catalogue, as well as the debuts from Do Me Bad Things and The Futureheads.

Singles I Missed (and deserve to be raved about):

The Magic Numbers - 'Forever Lost'
If you haven't heard this song, you are seriously missing out. It's mellow, summery pop at its best, with some gorgeous harmonies...and lots of facial hair. There's a cute semi-animated video, too, if you like that sort of thing.

British Sea Power - 'Please Stand Up'
It's the only song of theirs I've heard and I adore it, and I'm desperate to hear the album, because this track is not their best. There's better yet to come? I can't wait.

See you in a few weeks time.