Thursday, June 30, 2005

Fish Reviews The Singles (30/06/05)

Well this is random fun. Or just fun. It’s not actually that random. So yes, Hannah has enlisted my assistance in bloggering hither! I am delighted. (I'll be away from the computer at various points in the summer holidays, so hopefully both Fish and I will be able to take care of this blogging lark between us, so WL doesn't crash and burn through lack of inactivity. You might see a little more of Jamie and Leo around the place, too, but I'm not promising anything - H x)

Anyway, Fish does single reviews!

Okay, so. First off. When I first heard Backstreet Boys had a new song out, my immediate reaction was Oh good Nicky. This was a bad, bad day for Fishkind and anyone else with a thimbleful of sense. The ‘epic’ videos, the terrible over-acting, the ‘heart-wrenching’ lyrics are all back with a vengeance and are JUST AS BAD AS BEFORE. Spare yourself from Incomplete! 0/5

The Faders - JumpWell here goes my credibility straight away. I rather like Jump by The Faders, okay?! No, I am not entirely sure why. Yes, they’re probably more manufactured than a Cheesestring and a shameless attempt to be all ‘Oh em gee look at us we’re an all-grrl ROCK band!!’ and the song is just...I don’t even know...but it gets stuck in my head.. and they have a girl bassist (and I play bass)...and thus I can’t help it... I like it. So hey. They get a pass on this one. 3/5

Hmm. As a pretty big Feeder fan, I have to say I don’t reckon the world to Pushing The Senses. Feeling A Moment was spiffing. Didn’t like Tumble and Fall. This one lies somewhere in the middle. I can’t actually find much wrong with it, but it just doesn’t grab me at all. Middle of the road stuff in my opinion. 3/5

Hmm, Papa Roach. Last Resort was terrible. Getting Away With Murder was wonderful. Scars is just OTTful. Too many power chords and bad lyrics and a mundane sound. I listened to it once and that was enough. They think they’re megastars and need to release a big power ballad, methinks. Doesn’t work. There is no power in the ballad. JUST DRIVEL. 1/5

NY Excuse by Soulwax. Now THIS is more like it. It's rather weird. I like weird. If I remember correctly they are Belgian, too. All good. I also like the video very much. Environmentalish type stuffs and the line ‘this excuse that we’re making – it is good enough for what you’re paying?’ = fun times. Well, interesting times anyways. It rises above the drone of most meaningless and pointless ‘music’ in both it’s quirkiness and pointfulness and thus, I like it. 4/5

Last of all is Slow Hands by Interpol. It’s a re-release so I’m not going to ramble on about it for an age, but I adored it first time round and I still adore it now. 5/5

However the ‘Single Of The Week’ (oooh!) from me has to be Time To Waste by Alkaline Trio.
In fact, I would quite happily nominate this for Single Of The Year except that Empty Souls by the Manics would win by default. But anyway – that shows how good it is. Intelliegent, interesting, dark and sarcastic, as you would expect from the Trio, but, as with many of the songs on Time To Wastethe new album ‘Crimson’, it even rises above the usual wonderousness of their past triumphs. This is an insanely under-rated band at a new level of impressiveness. Musically, this song is, as always with A3, simple yet perfect, and impossible to imitate. My Chemical Romance and their hundreds of peers WISH they were this band. Alkaline Trio have never been popular and probably never will be. Which in a sense is good. For those who are in on what is one of the very best bands around, we have a nice little secret for ourselves with no it-band tag to ruin it. 5/5

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