Friday, July 15, 2005

Fish does the singles (19/07/05)

Hellohah again. Hannah's had her pick of the singles, and as promised I am totally here to bang on about the Editors, and a few other bands while I'm at it. Party!

Ah, El Capitan by Idlewild is lovely. Hannah's anecdotes are better than mine, but still. This is a perfect example of one of the two styles of songs Idlewild are famed for - this one being one of the slowish and tuneful poppy numbers with gorgeous (and overtly Scottish) vocals, a purposeful beat and a lovely chorus that makes you feel gooood. The other kind is obviously the shouty-screamy-riff-heavy affairs which make you feel hyper and wowed, usually; alas this is not one of those. The new album seems to indicate that they're leaving the latter style behind somewhat, and while El Capitan isn't really a patch on the earlier singles from Warnings/Promises in my opinion, it's still a lovely little ditty. What a word. 4/5

Another good one this week is L'Via L'Viaquez from the impossibly good Mars Volta who never seem to churn out a bad song. Another typically eclectic mix of genres, vocal stylings and words from the former At The Drive-In frontmen, not quite living up to The Widow from Frances The Mute or the blinding Inertiatic Esp from Deloused In The Comatorium, but definitely a good 'un all the same. 3/5

I'm extremely disappointed in Queens Of The Stone Age's latest offering, In My Head. It's so... bland. And generic. QOTSA aren't meant to be bland and generic. They're meant to be weird and heavy with spiffing riffs. This trippy little bit of tat has none of the essential Queens aspects, rendering it... rubbish. I haven't heard the b-side Everybody Knows That You Are Insane, but with such a naff title I'm guessing it's not going to be much better. Little Sister, the leading (and infinitely superior) single from Lullabies To Paralyze was in fact a Songs For The Deaf outake - perhaps explaining why it stands alone on the new album as the only decent song. 1/5

Single Of The Week from me goes to the incredible Editors without a second thought. Blood is the third single from their forthcoming album The Back Room, and has all those Joy Divison x Interpol + Bloc Party guitar fiddlery + strong basslines + intelligent lyrics x SOMETHING COMPLETELY ORIGINAL stylings you come to expect from the Editors' rather unique sound. The video is also pretty eye-catching, which seems a rarity at the moment amongst all these 'dramatic live performances interspersed with pretty-girl action!!!' excuses that are going around. Great band (who I hear are from Staffordshire - gotta support da home crew) who are, or at least should be, destined for big things. One of very few bands around that can truly say they do something different, while still drawing influences. Addictive and most highly recommended listening. 5/5

Fish will totally try to remember to do some Bloggering while Hannah is away.