Thursday, July 14, 2005

Hannah's Single of the Week (11/07/05)

It seems like we really are into summer, and not just in terms of the boiling-you-alive weather we’ve been having. Ugh. The summer release listings are here, packed with dance ‘anthems’ and plenty of generic indie. It takes a lot of effort to pick out the gems. The midweeks suggest, in fact, that there’s only going to be one new entry in the top 10 this week, suggesting that there’s hardly anything new and exciting in the pop market, either. So, what is worth a listen this week, and what isn’t even worth your holiday money?

Fish particularly likes ‘Blood’ by Editors, so you can probably expect her to be posting something about that a little later. My pick of the indie crowd is probably The Paddingtons, but only because their effort is the only one I have found remotely memorable. While the weather’s scorching, this week, the indie scene seems to be really...lukewarm. However, the lack of major releases may mean these acts will chart within the top 30 – in some cases significantly higher than normal.

My single of the week, although slightly reluctantly, is Idlewild’s latest release ‘El Capitan’. I’ve been quite fond of everything they’ve released from ‘Warnings/Promises’, their latest album, and this is no exception. It’s not as immediate as the other two singles – ‘Love Steals Us From Loneliness’ and ‘I Understand It’, but it still contains a catchy, uplifting chorus. However, it’s the boredom of the lacklustre verses in between that let the song down, somewhat. Fortunately they don’t completely spoil the song. The dominance of the piano in the track is a nice touch, as well as the build up towards the end. It’s worth a listen, definitely, although I would recommend buying the album over buying the single. Then again, the acoustic version on offer as a B-Side is quite enticing.

Since I’ll be stranded away from a computer for a short while, starting soon, hopefully somebody else on the team will be sufficiently bored enough to blog in my place or you'll be without updates for a bit. :(

All Releases (those I've heard in bold)
3rd Dan - Guess I Wanted More, Ayreon - Come Back To Me, Black Mountain – Druganaut, The Cazals - Poor Innocent Boys, Chemical Brothers - The Boxer, Clor – Outlines, Cut Copy – Future, Deep Dish - Say Hello, Deux - Sun Rising Up, Editors – Blood, Elton John – Electricity, Farrah - Tongue Tied, The Features - The Way It’s Meant To Be, Field Music - You Can Decide, Four Tet - Sun Drums And Soil (Remix), The Ga Gas - Crash And Burn, Granddaddy - Rugged and Splintered Entertainment Centre [7" only], Honeymoon Machine - I’ll Be Your Dog, Idlewild - El Capitan, Inaya Day - Nasty Girl, Jupiter Ace Ft Shena - 1000 Years (Just Leave Me Now), The Kooks - Eddie’s Gun, Lemon Jelly - Make Things Right, Leya - All On The Black, Loverush UK Ft Marc Almond - Perfect Honey (Temptation), The Mars Volta - L’Via L’Viaquez, MIA - Bucky Done Gun, Nicki French - Calling Out My Name, Omarion – O, The Paddingtons - 50 To A Pound, Queens Of The Stone Age - In My Head/Everybody Knows That You Are Insane, The Raveonettes - Love Is A Trashcan, REM – Wanderlust, Rooster - Deep And Meaningless, Skinnyman Ft DJ Flip - Forever Rangers/Not Bonnie & Clyde [7" only], Tah Mac Ft Royston - Make Ya Body Shake, Thievery Corporation - Revolution Solution [12" only], Tsar - Band Girls Money [7" only]

What’s your single of the week?