Monday, September 19, 2005

Fish does the singles again, finally (19/09/05)

After a period of intense and outrageous neglect of my duties, I am back, with a vegetable. Sorry, vengeance. Singles review. Take your pick. It’s going to have rather a negative slant on the whole, I’m afraid… but as I’m sure you’ll see, it’s totally justified. (All hail incoherence! -Hannah)

The Bloodhound GangThe Bloodhound Gang don’t annoy me quite as much as I think they should. This is somewhat worrying considering the video for Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo involves a banana car, and so many sexual innuendos it’s like overhearing a conversation between four 12 year old boys after they’ve just watched Austin Powers for the first time. But…I don’t know. It’s really quite bad. But it doesn’t annoy me intensely or make me want to cry or beat the floor with my fist wailing ‘why?!’. It’s just there, and it’s silly, and chuffs along, and yeah. If I come across it on the music channels I feel strangely compelled to watch it. I'm going to have to give it...

Bullet For My ValentineURGH. Bullet For My Valentine. Please tell me we have no fans here. Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow is just as appalling as Four Words (To Choke Upon), with its screaming and foolish lyrics and awful ‘METAAAL’ riffs and God they get right up my nose. So pretentious. One of Kerrang!’s little darlings and jeesh- can’t you tell: no talent, no intelligence -very loud, very stupid. Furthermore, I have observed this excuse for a band in Kerrang! magazine posing with a load of barely-clothed girls like the pseudo-macho jerks they are. I guess music really does reflect the makers. All in all, this is so bad that they get a significantly lower mark than The Bloodhound Gang. The sooner you lose your voices the better. Hang your heads in shame, BFMV.

Franz FerdinandFranz Ferdinand. We all love them, right? You have to. They can’t seem to go wrong. Do You Want To brings us more enjoyable indie/art rock antics, typical Franz riff and lyrics, and more synchronised guitar dancery in the video. What more could you ask for? Hannah will undoubtedly come up with better lingo than such a tired!Fish, but the sentiment is there. Even if the words aren't. But yes, it's marvellous, and I can assure you the new album is more of the same, having heard an advance copy. Hurrah!

Kelly ClarksonKelly Clarkson is another one I'll shamefacedly admit that I don't mind. I know she thinks she's a 'rock chick' and I know she won American Idol and I know I really, really shouldn't like Behind These Hazel Eyes nor should I have liked Since U Been Gone even more. But there's something about her that stops her irritating me in the style of, lets say, Avril Lavigne. This a power-pop/rock affair much in the vein of her previous single, so if you liked that, as me and Hannah did, you'll like this.

Single Of The Week.
Boy Kill BoyFor me there was no competition. I fell in love with Civil Sin by Boy Kill Boy on my first listen and having listened to it an unhealthy number of times following that, I’m still in love. I’ve never heard anything quite like this. Originality! It’s desperate, despaired, semi-apocalyptic, intelligent, articulated. We are lacking this kind of band. Not to mention this here choon has a pretty weird piano part. Except for that last bit, it sounds a bit like I’m describing early Manics, even though they’re nothing alike. But anyway. Don’t get me started on the guy’s voice. It’s just the best thing ever. For the time being, anyway. He wears a funny hat. The drummer pulls the oddest faces imaginable. The bass player poses like a ponce. The keyboardist looks like he’s in a trance. They’re absolutely possessed by their music (or their hair, as may be the case with the bassist). The song is as captivating as the band (but, if it were personified, much better looking, I imagine) and gets stuck in your head, repeating that frustrated ‘nobody knows anything’ over and over again until you listen and agree with them. It’s far superior to their first outing, Suzie, and hopefully a sign of things to come. Definitely a one to watch. Love it.

You can see the video for Civil Sin on the official website: