Monday, September 05, 2005

Hannah's Single of the Week (05/09/05)

So this week (well, on Tuesday) it's my birthday - happy birthday to me. If you're feeling extra nice and full of birthday cheer you could click that DMA 2005 voting button in the sidebar and fill in your details. If you enjoy reading WL and think we deserve to be above some rotten Atomic Kitten fan site, that is. Anyway, onto those singles:

WL Ratings:
5 = Can't Be Beaten // 4 = Great Stuff // 3 = Good // 2 = Pretty Average // 1 = Dissapointing // 0 = Dreadful

Single of the Week:
Coldplay - 'Fix You'
Coldplay - Fix YouReleased in the same week as a single titled 'Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now' it's true that while Coldplay have their detractors, they do have a mass of fans, and whatever Athlete, Feeder and countless other bands have morphed into recently, they're still the best out of all of them. As the stand out track from X&Y (which doesn't really live up to the hype) it allows forgiveness for the pretty average 'Speed of Sound' and is an instant fan favourite, capturing the essence of everything that is Coldplay. There's the classic tear-jerking Chris Martin vocal, the simplistic start building to an overwhelming epic sound, the sentimental lyrics, the get the idea. The video, despite starting like it's an urban rehash of 'Yellow', flows into some nice live footage (I was there being filmed, after all!) and concludes with a crowd of thousands singing along, mere weeks after the album's release. It's all very satisfying - the boys have just about nailed it with this one. 5/5

Other Recommended Tunes:
Arcade Fire - 'Rebellion (Lies)' - unusual indie types beloved by Chris Martin get playlisted on Radio 1, nice! - 3.5/5
Foo Fighters - 'DOA' - addictive 360 degree rock from the unlikely Supergrass fans - 3.5/5
Goldie Lookin Chain - 'Your Missus Is A Nutter' - welsh chav rappers sporting lingerie as headgear - still stupidly hilarious, but take them seriously at your peril! - 3/5

All Known Releases: (ones heard in bold)
213 - Groupie Luv EP, Amandine - Halo [7” only], Anthony & The Johnsons - For Today I Am A Boy [Download Only], Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies), The Black Velvets - Once In A While, Braund Reynolds - Rocket [12” only], Bronz N Blak Ft Styles P - In The Ghetto, Cass - Out Of My Reach, Chevy - Hard Message, Christian Blaizer - All I Want, Coldplay - Fix You, David Grubbs’ Wingdale Community Singers - Give It A Kiss/My Les Paul [7” only], Devandra Banhart - I Feel Just Like A Child, Disturbed - Stricken, Echo & The Bunnymen - Stormy Weather, Faithless - Insomnia 2005, Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We’re Going Down, Foo Fighters - DOA, General Khaki - Good Guys & Bad Guys [7” only], Gladys Knight & The Pips - I Heard It Through The Grapevine, Goldie Lookin Chain - Your Missus Is A Nutter, Grasp - Time To Go, Ian Brown - All Ablaze, Jack Johnson - Breakdown, Johnny Panic - Automatic Healer, Mitch Benn Ft Distractions - Everything Sounds Like Coldplay Now, Mohair - Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere, Mylo vs. Miami Sound Machine - Dr Pressure, Nerina Pallot - All Good People, Paul Van Dyk - The Other Side, Public Domain - Luv U More, Pussycat Dolls - Don’t Cha, The Rasmus - No Fear, Reuben - Keep It To Yourself, Shaggy Ft Olivia - Wild 2Nite, Simian - La Breeze, Simple Minds - Home, Superfly v Fishbowl - Let’s Get Down, Transplants - Gangsters And Thugs, Walkerman - Listen To Mama, Ying Yang Twins - Wait (Whisper Song)