Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Single of the Week (26/09/05)

Single of the Week:
The Go! Team - 'Bottle Rocket'
Bottle RocketThe webmaster of a certain site was to be found earlier this week posting many, many near-incomprehensible messages on MSN that looked something like 'bottlerocketbottlerocket'...and rightly so. It's a re-release, I think, but it's still the most innovative, interesting and, most importantly, good single out this week. It's funky, quirky, danceable, and irritatingly unclassifiable, but still brilliant. Unfortunately the people in my college common room didn't think so, and changed the channel when the video was played some time last week. Some people have no taste. Anyway, all I will say is that the music speaks for itself - get hold of a copy immediately, and let's see if it can make the top 40...

Other Notable Releases:
Basement Jaxx - 'Do Your Thing'
Do Your ThingAllow me introduce a track that belongs to a very special shortlist - songs guaranteed to make Hannah want to dance. I'll leave you to decide whether this is essentially a good or a bad thing. However, this latest single from Felix Buxton and co. comes complete with lots of brass, a funky piano riff, layered vocals and crazy sound effects. It's by no means the best thing The Jaxx have done, and verges on being too repetitive, but it's still pretty darn good.

tATu - 'All About Us'
The return of everybody's favourite 'lesbians' - I feel I may come under physical harm from certain parties (notably the Julia and Jessica campaign to make Hannah love pop) if I don't mention this, because, actually, it isn't that bad and is a pleasant three minute piece of pop. The video is another thing entirely, apparently. It still possesses the rather annoying high-pitched-chanting-type chorus that grates a little on your eardrums, but the verses are pretty cool.
Somehow I don't think that sounded particularly convincing...

All Releases: (ones I've heard in bold)
Alexis Strum - Bad Haircut, Andy Bell - Crazy, Annie - Always Too Late/Helpless Fool For Love [12" only], Art Brut - Good Weekend, Avenged Sevenfold - Bat Country, Basement Jaxx - Do Your Thing, Beach & Tia - Suntan, Bedouin Soundclash - When The Night Feels My Song, Bobby Valentino - Tell Me, Bodyrockers - Round And Round, Boy Least Likely To - Papercuts [7” only], Chalets - No Style, Charlotte Church - Call My Name, David Ford - State Of The Union, Dieffenbach - Glorious, Dualers - Truly, Madly, Deeply, Editors - Bullets, The Faders - Better Off Dead [Download Only], The Fall - I Can Hear The Grass Grow/Clasp Hands [7” only], Film School - On & On, Flat Pack - Sweet Child O Mine, The Go! Team - Bottle Rocket, Hanky Park vs. Peter Hook - We’ll Never Die, Honeymoon Machine - Faith In People, I Wayne - Can’t Satisfy Her, Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek [7” only], Infadels - Jagger 67 [Ltd Ed], Jo O'Meara - What Hurts The Most, Johnny Panic - Automatic Healer, Joseph Arthur - Even Tho, Kathryn Williams - Beachy Head [7” only], King Biscuit Time - CIM15 [Ltd Ed], LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations, Liberty X Ft Rev Run - Song 4 Lovers, Luka - To Nem Ai, Minotaur Shock - Muesli EP [12” only], Missy Elliott - Teary Eyed, Ms Dynamite - Judgement Day/Father, Nate James - The Message, New Order - Waiting For The Siren’s Call [7” only], Nickelback - Photograph, The Noise Next Door - Miss U, Objects - Fifi Brown, Paul Weller - Come On Let’s Go, Phats & Small - Its A Beautiful Day [12" only], Presets - Girls & The Sea EP, Red Organ Serpent Sound - In Search Of Orgasmuz, Royksopp - 49%, Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle, Simple Plan - Untitled [7” only], Soul Purpose - Salsa House, Stereo Mcs - Paradise, Story One - Disposable EP, Sugababes - Push The Button, tATu - All About Us, Tiesto - Ur/Tear It In The Open [12" only], Ultrasonic - High Energy/Staying Underground, X-Press 2 - Give It

What's your single of the week?