Monday, October 24, 2005

Not The Single of the Week...with Lewis

The Magic Numbers - 'Love's A Game'
Oh no! Not the poor widdle Numbers! Alas, this song is a sorry state of affairs, especially in relation to their last single, the excellent 'Love Me Like You'. Here we have an instantly forgettable lump of MOR twaddle, bound up with flaccid ruminations on love 'n' life 'n' stuff. Romeo Stodart obviously feels the need to live up to his namesake - he really shouldn't bother when the results are this trite: 'Love is just a lie / It happens all the time / Swear I know this much is true'. Yawn. They really are capable of much better than dross like this; dross that only serves to overwhelm with its pointlessness. Would you like some Westlife with that, sir?