Monday, October 10, 2005

WL's Big Fat Free-For-All!

Hello, and welcome to the first ever WL multi-contributor free-for-all post! This week I have asked a small group of my online buddies to write a review for WL, meaning that this week both the choice of music and the writing styles will be deliciously diverse. There will be reviews from both myself (Hannah) and Fish, but also from my pals Lewis, Kaytee and Greg. Hopefully we will do this sort of thing again some time soon. If you would like to take part when that time comes, please send an email expressing your interest to the usual address, and we'll contact you a week before we decide to do another free-for-all!

In other news, if you haven't yet voted for the DMAs, myself and the team would really appreciate your vote for WL! The link is still in the sidebar. Please show your support for the site...and you never know, we may even beat last years shockingly good/hopeless (depending on how you view it) position! Anyway...

Recommended Singles:

Death Cab For CutieSoul Meets Body - Review by Kaytee
When I first heard this song, it has to be said that I didn’t think much of it. On first listening it is quite bland. However now that I’ve listened to it more, it has certainly grown on me. It doesn’t live up to other DCFC songs I’ve heard from previous albums, but it is still pretty good in its own right. The song has the perfect feel for the end of summer/beginning of autumn, and Ben Gibbard’s vocals on this song are really pretty and perfectly suited to the song. I also have to mention how much I love this line from the song as well: “Cause you’re the only song I want to hear, a melody softly soaring through my atmosphere”.
Kaytee also recommends this week's single from: InMe

Missy Higgins - 'Scar' - Review by Hannah
I've been waiting patiently for this. Very patiently. Having heard this Australian number 1 hit over a year ago, it was really only a matter of time before it got a British release. Missy obviously hasn't equalled her Aussie success over here in the UK, but, as you know, success isn't everything. 'Scar' is a delightful slice of piano driven pop that is so ridiculously catchy that one listen will have it stuck in your head for a matter of days. Think Daniel Powter's 'Bad Day' in female form, just more intelligent, avec Aussie accent and sans stupid beanie hat.
Hannah also recommends this week's single by: Protocol

Lisa Scott LeeElectric - Review by Greg
The former Steps star returns with her do-or-die new single ‘Electric’. If this fails to make the top ten then Lisa has vowed to graciously bow out of the music industry. What’s that I hear you cry? “What a martyr she is for pop!” “that’ll show those sleazy record companies!” and the like. A wave of apathy hits, and no-one cares. It is a shame really, that LSL has made herself into the pop laughing stock, because really ‘Electric’ is a little pop song that’s really not that bad at all. It’s no ‘Toxic’ for sure, but then by the same token Lisa is no Britney. ‘Electric’ very obviously flirts with the now rather tired and overused electro pop sound, but still manages to sound unique, as well as flirting slightly with electroclash (!!!) with the slashy guitars under the track. Certain elements of this song are brilliant but the overall song is slightly underwhelming. There is a great pop song under there somewhere. This song does have ‘top ten’ written all over it, but I feel as though I’m being just a tad unrealistic with that statement. I think I’ll finish this review with a quote from my friend regarding this song, “At least she did better than H and Claire”. Yes, quite.
Greg also recommends this week's singles from: Missy Higgins, M.I.A., Utada Hikaru and Louis XIV

InMe - So You Know - Review By Fish
InMe's third single 'So You Know' from their stunning second album 'White Butterfly' is much more of a grower than instant-hit predecessors 'Faster The Chase' and '7Weeks'. Ever relentless in their tirade to prove themselves against the odds of being dropped from their label and struggling to get their second album out, the band aren't letting up with this slice of powerful rock with a strong riff and pretty vocal harmonies. Lyrically sophisticated they may not always be, but InMe have an ear for a killer tune, and are always an absolute pleasure to listen to. Whack up the volume, sing along merrily and feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. In fact, go and see them live and stuff your fingers in your ears all the way through the crap support bands, gaining death glares from their guitarists, and then go mad when InMe come onstage and save you, just like I did. Screw depth this week, InMe are simply a wonderful, solid band, and they'd get my 5/5 anyday.

Singles To Avoid:

Lee Ryan - Turn Your Car Around - Review by Lewis
Apparently Lee Ryan has been taking singing lessons from Janis Joplin, via the mediations of a clairvoyant. Yes, Janis, there is no escape from Lee, even in death. He claims she told him to work on his lower range. Why'd you do it, Janis? Why not just tell him to drop off the scale altogether? It would spare us this lame, strumalong effort, with its misogynistic lyrics and arrogant posture. Admittedly, the directionless sound is a vague departure from the charmless, lads-mag-style-supplement groove that Blue blandly inflicted on us -but, ultimately, why should we give a fuck about Lee Ryan's new single? There are elephants and whales dying out there...
Instead, Lewis recommends this week's single from: Death Cab For Cutie

All Releases: (songs Hannah has heard in bold)
Amandine - Halo [7” only], Benjamin Theves - Texas [12” only], Black Watch - Innercity Garden EP, Bob Sinclair and Garry Pine - Love Generation, Bow Wow Ft Omarion - Let Me Hold You, Cinematics - Chase [7” only], Clor - Good Stuff, Conjure One - Extraordinary Way, Cuban Heels - Mr Brannam, Death Cab For Cutie - Soul Meets Body [7” only], Delirious - Paint The Town Red, Dylan Rhymes - Sugar DJ [12” only], El Presidente - Rocket, The Faders - Stupid Mistake [Download Only], Feeder - Shatter/Tender, The Fight - Can’t Be Bothered, Friday Hill - Baby Goodbye, Hush - If I Was, Ils - Angels [12” only], Inme - So You Know, Jenn Cuneta - Come Rain Come Shine, Jynxt - Electric Knives, Lee Ryan - Turn Your Car Around, Lisa Scott Lee - Electric, Louis XIV - Finding Out True Love Is Blind, Make Good Your Escape - No Return/Waiting [7” only], MIA - Galang 2005, Missy Higgins - Scar, Mono Taxi - King Of Better [7” only], Motorhead - Ace Of Spades [7” only], My Morning Jacket - Off The Record, Omerta - One Chance/Synchronise Your Smile, Protocol - She Waits For Me, Roll Deep - Shake A Leg, Rookiee - I’ll Do You [Download Only], Route 1 Ft Jenny Frost - Crash Landing, Simply Red - Perfect Love, Spoon - Sister Jack, Stephen Fretwell - New York, Steve Mac - Lovin’ You More (That Big Track), TQ - Right On, U2 - All Because Of You, Umlaut - Wintercoat [7” only], Utada Hikaru - You Make Me Want To Be A Man, Winterville - Under My Skin

What's your single of the week?