Saturday, November 12, 2005

Freelance Videowatch...with Elz

Freelance Videowatch:
Kaiser Chiefs - Modern Way (official site, video at

What? Another Kaiser Chiefs single? It makes my head hurt. As ifPoser re-releasing "I Predict A Riot" wasn't enough for them! That being said, "Modern Way" is an excellent choice for a single from an admittedly mediocre album overall.

To begin with, the video confuses Dependency on tennis balls is established at an early agethe heck out of me. What on earth does a small child with a tennis ball have to do with modern ways? Surely that's about the past, right? Especially judging by the way the footage is intended to look like an old home video. As the video progresses, however, it becomes clear that the small child has grown up into a hairy street performer with a penchant for balancing his tennis ball on his face. We follow the path of our hairy friend from when he shouts angrily This can cause outbursts of rage and temporary insanityat his tennis ball, to an appearance on national telly, right through to performing at (what looks like) the Royal Albert Hall.

Excitingly, we then actually see the people who play the song; some might say a band! And... they're in a giant tennis ball. The theme is beginning to disturb me, and in an attempt to rationalise it, I decide that they're ripping off U2's PopMart Tour where they emerged from a giant lemon. It really doesn't make it any better, but the performance shots do. It's always great to see the band actually playing their instruments in the video, even if it is only for a short time. The video wasn't about t'Chiefs, though, it was Eventually, you'll believe that you're watching a band in a tennis ball!about our hairy pal. And he taught us a valuable lesson:

The modern way is hairy men who balance balls on their faces. They're possibly gay.