Saturday, November 26, 2005

Freelance Videowatch...with Elz

Freelance Videowatch:
Gorillaz - Dirty Harry (official site, video at

I'm a fan of Gorillaz. I don't own either of their albums, nor have I bought any of their singles, Cartoon bum is good for you.but I like them nonetheless. And "Dirty Harry" is another above-par single from their second album, "Demon Days", with the video combining the brilliance of deserts, tanks, snot-covered children and keyboards. Oh, and a small lizard of some sort in a fez. Marvellous.

As everyone knows, Gorillaz are fourHere we can see the small, annoying children. cartoon people in a band, and their videos reflect this. They blend live-action rapping blokes with (cartoon) Noodle in a (real) tank. The desert is real too, and, if you can suspend your belief for just a wee while, the characters could actually be there. The chorus is sung by the snotty, fighting cNoodle and tank. Great!hildren - although hopefully not in reality - and in this video, we actually get something that reflects the lyrics! Brilliant! If you haven't spotted it for yourself, the desert and bright sunlight is quite obviously a reference to the lyric "The poor people are burning in the sun". I'm still not sure what this has to do with needing a gun, though.

Although the video threatens to get borinLOOK AT HIS LITTLE FEZ!!g at times, the hypnotic beat manages to keep your attention firmly fixed on the screen. Also, there's a lizard in a fez. I feel sort of awful recommending you watch a video because there's a lizard in a fez, but... he's so cute! He makes the entire video worthwhile.

A small sidenote: I still can't remember who the rapping bloke is.