Monday, November 14, 2005

Single to avoid (14/11/05)

The Darkness - 'One Way Ticket'
Ah, Zammo. What a legacy left in thy wake. Nearly 20 years after the righteous Grange Hill rabble implored us to 'Just Say No', the babygro-clad Justin Hawkins caterwauls his way through a diatribe against the white stuff - cocaine, alas, rather than milk, which is potentially more disgusting. As The Darkness subsist wholly on the basis of irony, it seems cruelly, er, ironic that a song depicting the hellish nature of such abuse comes across as a harbinger of that great bastion of rock 'n' roll decadence: the coke album. All the signs are there - it's exceedingly bloated, the lyrics have more than a touch of smartarse about them, and the sound is grouchy and turgid, whilst revelling in its own flatulence. The Darkness had a shelf-life of about two hits. Don't make this another, kids! Just say no!