Monday, November 21, 2005

Single to avoid (21/11/05)

Devendra Banhart - 'Heard Somebody Say'
The first time I heard of Devendra Banhart, I thought he was a woman. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that he was no etiolated indie songstress, mewing like a Victorian orphan selling oranges - but a ludicrously bearded folkie. Well well well. He seems rather like a caricature of yer average earthy minstrel, all wispy hirsuteness and limp-wristed simperings. Designed to appear small, well crafted and delicately profound, this effort is actually somewhat plodding and fatuous. The wailing drones in the background do nothing for it, and the lyrics aren't much better: 'Here's what we believe / It's simple / We don't want to kill'. Spoken like a true folkie. Songs like this often hang on a knife edge - when done properly they retain a quiet, wholesome charm; when done like this they are utterly mundane. Stick to the cheese adverts, Dev.