Tuesday, November 15, 2005

WL Open Blog - what's your single of the week?


Girls Aloud – 'Biology' - Review by Julia
On first, and indeed second, third and up to about twelfth listens, this song sounds like a bit of a mess; there's no discernable structure, and the chorus doesn't kick in for over a minute. However, with a bit of perseverance the song gets steadily better and better until it reveals itself to not only be very good indeed, but the best pop single to be released all year. (Yes, it's even better than 'I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)'!) Xenomania could have rested on their laurels and given Girls Aloud the sort of pop-by-numbers songs they've been giving to other bands, but instead they've once again pushed the boundaries of pop music and proved themselves to be always one step ahead of the competition. 'Long Hot Summer' was somewhat lacklustre, but with 'Biology' Girls Aloud are back at the forefront of British pop music – and long may they remain there.
Julia also recommends this week's singles from The White Stripes and Will Young

Will Young - 'Switch It On' - Review by Greg
‘Switch It On’ is the first single from Will’s new album ‘Keep On’ which, if this is anything to by, should be an absolute corker. Upon the first few listens it leaves you wondering what happened to that nice boy from Pop Idol and then, it hits you and you realise, this is what it sounds like when pop artists evolve (because it does happen occasionally). A little bit pop, a little bit jazz, a little bit of everything for everyone.
The lyrics really are quite brilliant when you listen to them properly. Will is pining for his man to be a proper man and give him a right good servicing (“Unable/ to switch it on and switch it off daily”) and wants him to just have sex with him (“Mr Fabulous don’t impress me”) and then, on the tempo change he gets sick and tired of it all (“Can’t you see I’m little bit weary?”) and tells his man go away (“I won’t stop, so tough!”). He also talks about being bright eyed and bushy tailed and wearing three piece suits. All of which, I think you’ll agree is brilliant.
And yes, it does sound a bit like ‘9 to 5’ doesn’t it? Well done and welcome back Will.
Greg also recommends this week's singles from: Girls Aloud, Liberty X, The Like, The Pipettes and The White Stripes

Gemma Hayes - 'Happy Sad' - Review by Callum
As bittersweet as the title suggests, this song finds the beautiful former folkie strumming and ambling her way through a chorus of groaning Formula 1 backing vocals. Though not as hard-hitting as the single "Let A Good Thing Go" from her previous rock album Night On My Side, the sunlit sound that makes the track an obvious radio choice also casts long autumnal shadows, and lends an unsettling atmosphere that distances her from her peers KT Tunstall and Jem. The video, in which an uncomfortable Gemma tries to escape an overfamiliar family gathering only to find that even "the roads don't love you", underlines her restless spirit but also draws attention to her rather strained performance on a song that doesn't quite let her soar.
Callum also recommends this week's singles from: Lupen Crook and The Pipettes

Avoid at ALL costs:

John Butler Trio - 'Zebra' - Review by CFB Goes Pop
Alas NOT a new childrens band paying homage to my old school mate Alice Zebra, but a slightly dispiriting 'the world is all going to hell because not enough people use canvas bags' bunch of hippies promoting pub rock of the worst kind. On first listen, you might be fooled this has a tune - it does, and the da-da-da-da-dahs might convince you to tap your toes, but it's like the pied piper, leading you off a cliff, if you listen enough, you'll end up with bongs, dole cheques, haranguing people who litter and an unclear head. How it was a hit in Australia, god knows - damn hippies! Alf Stewart, he knows the score...video clip hopefully retooled from Aussie version, which involved a big pub singalong.

The Used - 'I Caught Fire' - Review By Kaytee
I used to be a huge fan of The Used around the time of their first album. But then after their second album was released my interest in them dwindled, as I felt that they’d lost some the raw intensity they’d had before. Unfortunately, ‘I Caught Fire’ is the same as the rest of the album. The chorus is so boring and I’m not sure if it fits in well with the rest of the song. Bert’s vocals are a little too clean for my liking (however nearer the end of the song he redeems himself a little by having a much harsher voice). The music for the song is ok, but it is nothing spectacular. The song is weak in my opinion; however I can see why they chose it as a single, as it is radio friendly.
Kaytee instead recommends this week's single from Black Eyed Peas.

The Black Eyed Peas - 'My Humps' - Review by CFB Goes Pop
If the phrase "Fergie showcase" doesn't chill you to the musical bone, you really can't be saved. Yes, it's Stacey's big tuneful debut, and well done Ms Ferguson, once of Kids Incorporated, now with a voice even audiotune can't save, you've brought out the worst song of the year! The only way this could be saved is if they play it over amusing footage of camels. I think also my Gran had lovely lady lumps - or bunions as we called them. Shire Hite I'm sure is mardying up in preparation for a long essay about Destiny's Child rubbing their mans feet and Fergie Pea using her lumpy bum to pull - it's like feminism never happened, and guys, if you try and chat someone up by offering to rub her lady lumps, you may end up a black eyed C...
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What's YOUR single of the week?