Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hannah's Single of the Week (12/12/05)

Allow me to be brief. And possibly blunt. Having removed download-only singles and 12" singles from the chart...there's a heck of a lot of crap. Being totally honest, I haven't heard much of this week's selection, but what I have heard grades from 'not bad' to 'hilariously rubbish' and what I haven't heard generally inspires me to invest in some earplugs.

There are Christmas novelty releases hitting you left, right and centre. The Crazy Frog is trying yet again for another absurdly annoying chart smash, there's a dubiously named pop band manage to incorporate textspeak AND pointless brackets into ONE release, and those great musical pioneers 'The England Cricket Team' are even having a crack at the charts, helped by a lady who thought it was OK to sing with a member of Blue. Rrrrright.

Out of the 'real' releases of the week there is little to inspire anything resembling a creative review. McFly's 'Ultraviolet' has an intro which appears to mimic Starsailor, before charging in to 'textbook McFly' and not really introducing anything particularly new. Robbie Williams releases his typical piece of Christmas balladry - 'Advertising Space' - which I do like, but again, it seems suspiciously like every similar song he's done before. The good news? It's better than last year's 'Misunderstood'.

So, possibly by default, my Single of the Week reluctantly goes to The Subways, for their chirpy strumalong entitled 'No Goodbyes'. It's a nice contrast to previous singles 'Oh Yeah' and 'Rock And Roll Queen' exhibiting the band's mellower side. However, it's really only the best of a bad bunch.

All Releases:
Al Haca - Mindgames/Day Break [7” only], At The Lake - These Days, Crazy Frog - Jingle Bells/Can’t Touch This, Dave McCullen - B Tch, Dean Park - McElvis Presley’s Scottish Medley, Depeche Mode - A Pain That I Am Used To, Euros Childs - Donkey Island [7” only], Hell - Tragic Picture Show [7” only], Help, She Can’t Swim - Committing Social Suicide EP [7” only], Hot Pantz - (I’d Like To Give U) One 4 Christmas, Keedie Ft England Cricket Team - Jerusalem, Kubichek - Taxi [7” only], Levellers - Last Man Alive, Leya - On All My Sundays, Lisa Brown - What’s That Sound?, Long Blondes - Separated By Motorways [7” only], Mariah Carey - Don’t Forget About Us, McFly - The Ballad Of Paul K/Ultraviolet, New Emotion - 9 To 5, Nizlopi - JCB, Objects - Fifi Brown, Ozzy Osbourne - In My Life, Patrolman Pete - Ready To Roll, Performance - Surrender [7” only], Redshed - Boundaries, Robbie Williams - Advertising Space, Robert Pollard - I’m A Strong Lion, Ruff Ryders - Stay Down, Snipereyes - Ballet Machine, Southern Electrics - Save You, The Subways - No Goodbyes, T Raumschmiere - A Very Loud Lullaby [7” only], Temposhark - It’s Better To Have Loved, Trashcan Sinatras - Wild Mountainside, Water Babies - Under The Tree, Westlife & Diana Ross - When You Tell Me That You Love Me, The White Stripes - Walking With A Ghost EP