Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hannah's Single of the Week (28/11/05)

Sorry this has taken so long! Lewis is having a week off and there is so little music of interest this week. Tsk. The Pussycat Dolls are doing a Mariah Carey (oh dear) and both Sean Paul and David Gray have singles out. Doesn't look promising, does it? To be honest, I'm far too busy putting together my 'Singles of 2005' - guaranteed to contain less trash than the ridiculous 'Single of the Year' thing on ITV and far more likely to generate a worthy winner. Anyway, onto the remotely decent stuff that's out this week...

Single of the Week:
Futureheads - 'Area' (official site - includes video)
And they're back. Can 'Area' match the fleeting top 10 success of the northern lads' Kate Bush cover? Unlikely, but that doesn't matter. 'Area' takes everything that is good about Futureheads songs to create what could be seen as the ultimate Futureheads track. There are four-part harmonies galore, a frantic, unconventional structure, catchy, energetic guitar riffs and a performance video that actually manages to look vaguely exciting, even if it is unfortunately puppy-free. It also has an irresistable vocals-only ending. And, just to warn you, this is a stand-alone release, so if you don't buy the single it's unlikely to pop up on their second album!

Special Mention:
Sigur Ros - 'Hoppipolla' (official site - includes video)
Have I typed that right? I think I've typed that right. My friend is a huuuuge Sigur Ros fan, so I jolly well better have typed that right! Usually, I tread rather carefully around foreign language songs, purely because I have no idea what they're singing about. However, the sheer musical magic of Sigur Ros means that here the lyrics do not matter. A tremendous amount of emotion and feeling is conveyed in the music alone. In that aspect it's very similar to a segment of a film soundtrack. The piano, in particularly, is beautiful, but so is the entire instrumentation. It's one of those tracks that is so rich in musical flavour you could listen for days and still be discovering new things about it. Absolutely gorgeous.

Avoid at ALL costs:
Oasis - 'Let There Be Love' (official site)
Branded as 'classic Oasis' by one music video channel, 'Let There Be Love' is something of a disappointing follow-up to the wonderful 'The Importance Of Being Idle'. 'Classic Oasis' is simply a phrase I do not understand, unless it's a polite way to say 'flaccid rehash of stuff they've done before' because essentially this is what this single is. It goes nowhere. It doesn't develop. You simply sit there waiting for it to end as it plods along hopelessly. Oh, and the Radio 1 chart show monkeys think it's the best thing they've ever done. A bad sign if ever there was one.

All Releases (ones I've heard in bold):
Babyshambles - Albion, Blink 182 - Not Now, Bob Marley & The Wailers - Africa Unite, Celebration - Diamonds [7” only], Conner Reeves - Welcome To The Future EP, David Gray - Hospital Food, Dogs - Tarred And Feathered, Early Year - Backlight EP, The Futureheads - Area, Jamie Cullum - Mind Trick, Kalev - Undoing [7” only], Kelly Clarkson - Because Of You, King Creosote - Bootprints, Kings Of Tomorrow - 6 PM, Lucky Pierre & The Notes - I Hate T Shirts That Say 1977, Maccabees - X Ray [7” only], Multi Purpose Chemical - Cult EP, Oasis - Let There Be Love, October All Over - 2005 BC, Oversol - Speed, Pussycat Dolls - Stickwithu, Rex The Dog - Prototype [7” only], Richard Grey Pts United State Of House - Phat Bass/Albatross [12” only], Rihanna - If It’s Lovin That You Want, Sean Paul - Ever Blazin’, Shimm 1 - You Get Me, Shy Child - Noise Won’t Stop [7” only], Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla, Smother - A New Formation Of The Truth, Sound Explosion - Apollo, Spinto Band - Mountains/Brown Boxes [7” only], Spit Like This - Dragged Kicking And Screaming EP, Stevie Wonder - Positivity, Tina Cousins - Wonderful Life, Two Gallants - Las Cruces Jail [7” only], Viva Voce - Wrecking Ball [7” only], Waking Eyes - Watch Your Money [7” only], Weapons Of Mass Belief - Death Of A Nation, Wolf & Cub - Steal Their Gold/Thousand Cuts

What's your single of the week?