Monday, December 05, 2005

Lewis's Single to Avoid (05/12/05)

Sugababes - 'Ugly'
If you ever see fit to observe a few episodes of Eastenders, that staunch bastion of the BBC schedules, you will notice a rather irritating trend. As Peggy Mitchell does her "Ya can only rely on yer fahmily" bit for the eightieth time in half an hour, you realise that Eastenders is a morass of cod philosophy that patronises the viewer to death, in a bid to make it sound sage and meaningful. For their latest release, the Sugatrouts and their management have decided to employ such tactics, whilst cashing in on the BBC's latest cause célèbre, bullying. How ironic then, that certain allegations seem to hang around Keisha and Mutya (le mot juste!) like a bad smell - allegations of, er, bullying. The lyrics are, as you might expect, sod-awful: 'Everybody talks bad about somebody / And never realises how it affects somebody...'. This is sub-GCSE level stuff. And let us not forget the vomit-inducing refrain: 'People are all the same / we only get judged by what we do...'. So, let us judge. By these standards, Sugababes, you are dreary, and 'Ugly' is sanctimonious, asinine and aggressive. In short, you are bullying us.