Monday, December 12, 2005

Lewis's single to avoid (12/12/05)

Nizlopi - 'JCB'
That's right! I haven't got a heart, merely a swinging brick. This saccharine little tale is, on the surface, somewhat inoffensive; indeed, the music is quaint and melodic, almost bordering on pretty. What really lets this down, though, is the content. For a start, it sounds like it's being sung by a reader of Loaded magazine, evident in grating lines such as: "Me an' my dad 'avin' a top larf". It's awash with maudlin escapism, and the author's appreciation of his father is somewhat betrayed by the refrain of: "My dad's Bruce Lee". This displaces his father's role as the hero of the story - the adulation seems to be for someone like Bruce Lee, a true hero, rather than the diluted version that exists in reality. By making the comparison, he detracts from his father's own, personal qualities, instead projecting his desire for daddy to be someone he isn't, which makes his professed appreciation seems trite. Ultimately, this song is mass-produced sentimentality for a mawkish generation that is uncomfortable in its own skin; hence its aura of passive-aggressive masculinity. Many consider this kind of stuff heartfelt and heartwarming. To my mind, its cutesiness seems like a witless sales ploy.