Monday, January 02, 2006

Hannah's Single of the Week (02/01/06)

Happy New Year, everybody! Sadly it's another slow week this week (although next week the singles releases are back in full force - hurrah!) but thankfully there are a couple of promising singles to buy along with whatever albums in the sales that may be draining cash from your pocket!

Single of the Week:
Editors - Munich (official site - contains video)
Having successfully re-released 'Bullets', it's the turn of the band's second top 75 (and breakthrough) hit, 'Munich', to get a second shot at the upper reaches of the charts, Kaiser Chiefs syle. The fact that chart sales are slow and not much else is on offer may even cause the band to break into the top 20, as they did with 'Blood', although it's still sad that another song hasn't had the chance to make it as a single. They've squeezed five releases out of three songs, for goodness sake! That said, this 'British Interpol' are one of those acts that have grown on me over the past year, especially after seeing them live supporting Franz Ferdinand. If you've heard 'Blood' and 'Bullets', 'Munich' is essentially more of the same. That's the thing with Editors - if you like what you've heard already, you'll like this. If you don't, you won't. There's not a lot of originality here, but to my ears it's a pretty good tune.

Special Mention:
Supergrass - Fin (official site - VIDEO ADDED THIS WEEK!!!)
You'll only be finding 'Fin' on a 7" single, this week. It's a shame really, because while I adore the new, 're-invented' Supergrass, and 'Road To Rouen' is a fabulous album...the public haven't exactly lapped it up. Part of me wants to blame the slightly strange singles choices, and there has been nothing more of a strange single choice than 'Fin'. It's the closing track on the album and is good enough as an album track. It's poignant, pretty and unusually delicate, but it just doesn't make an impact in the same way as other potential singles, 'Roxy', 'Road To Rouen' and 'Kick In The Teeth' - all of which are truly STUNNING. I've said it before and I'll say it again - Supergrass really need to release something that's a little more upbeat, or a little more epic, or the British public will forget about them completely. As much as I love Supergrass, slow lullabies with echoing vocals and not much else going on just won't cut it in the long term.

All Major Releases:
Aaron Smith Ft Luvli - Dancin’, Editors - Munich, Louis XIV - Pledge Of Allegiance [7” only], Naughty Boy - Phatbeach (I’ll Be Ready), Simply Red - Something Got Me Started/A Song For You, Supergrass - Fin [7” only]

What's your single of the week?