Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hannah's Single of the Week (16/01/05)

Arctic Monkeys - When The Sun Goes Down (official site and video)
So, here it is. The week where the Arctic Monkeys prove they're not a flash-in-the-pan one hit wonder. There must be a huge amount of albums pre-ordered due to the sheer success of 'I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor', but the hype and promotion for this followup seem to have completely passed me by. That said, I only heard 'That's My Goal' for the first (and, I may safely say, last) time over the weekend and this single (from the midweeks) looks like it's about to knock that one off the top spot.
Expectations are high for the album, and the hype is justified. Apparently. Anything that's hyped up, I tend to stay well clear of, and neither love nor hate it, for fear of my own judgement being influenced by other people. It's a nasty thing, is hype.
The thing is...I think I'm starting to like the Arctic Monkeys. 'When The Sun Goes Down' is incredibly catchy, filled with chaotic guitars, a change of pace and even has a confusing 'story' video. While, as yet, I don't think they're Britain's best new band and completely deserving of the hype bestowed upon them, this is still a good song.

Belle and Sebastian - Funny Little Frog (official site and video)
I think it's impossible not to like Belle & Sebastian. There's something about their music that's so incredibly...likeable. There's also something about their attitude to their album being leaked online that makes them likeable, too. They're not kicking up a fuss. They're aware that maybe it could even be a great form of promotion. Thank goodness somebody's got their head screwed on correctly, eh? Elz reviewed the video earlier this week, and I can safely say the music that accompanies it is just as fabulous as the visuals. I could take it and plunge into a lengthy lyrical and instrumental analysis, but that's just silly. Great music speaks for itself, so I'll just say the intrumentation is great, the melody is catchy and if the album is all as good as this, everyone should be buying it and breaking B&S into the mainstream. Speaking of mainstream - it's heading for the top 10. Marvellous!

All Releases: (ones I've heard in bold)
Belle & Sebastian - Funny Little Frog, Beyonce Ft Slim Thug - Check On It, Cat Power - Greatest [7” only], Clearlake - Good Clean Fun [7” only], Don Fardon - Belfast Boy, Early Years - All Ones And Zeroes, Hi Tack - Say Say Say, Nostalgia 77 Octet - Freedom [7” only], Notorious BIG - Nasty Girl, Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Only Medicine [7” only], Secret Machines - Alone, Jealous & Stoned [12” only], Sol Seppy - Move [7” only], Son Of Dork - Eddie’s Song, South - A Place In Displacement, Sunshine Underground - Commercial Breakdown, Sway - Little Derek, Test-Icicles - What’s Your Damage?, Thee Unstrung - Who Runs The Show, Tiga - Good As Gold [12” only], Tina Dico - Warm Sand, Will Young - All Time Love

What's your single of the week?