Monday, January 23, 2006

Lewis's single to avoid (23/01/06)

Starsailor - 'This Time'
I'm concerned for Starsailor. They've always struck me as fairly inoffensive types; thus, I have something of a soft spot for them. Even though they are from Wigan. You could do a lot worse than Starsailor - after all, they've released three moderately good singles in the shape of 'Fever', 'Alcoholic' and 'Silence Is Easy'. My main gripe with this is that it displays absolutely no sense of progression. Five years on from 'Fever', and they're still treading water like they always were, with billowing indie anthems that are good for opening Hollyoaks with, but not much use for anything else. The Starsailor template is now too worn and too throwaway to be of any merit. If this was a school report, it would read: 'could do better'.