Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fish does the Singles (20/02/06)

Gosh, it has been a while...

Alkaline Trio – Burn
Well, I for one must say I wasn’t expecting this, in more than one way. 'Burn' struck me as a rather odd choice for a single, at first, and I wasn’t actually sure if the Trio were doing well enough to permit another single from the wonderful 'Crimson'. But I have been proven wrong, on both accounts! This is a favourite of mine from the album, a stunner of an apocalypse/global warming siren in a song. In fact, with its jittery beat and semi-electro undercurrent it's almost danceable. The chorus is unquestionably catchy while containing lyrics like ‘everyone learns faster on fire’. This is a tune with a gun in its hand, and damnit, it’s taking you with it. Alkaline Trio’s hell is your home.

We Are Scientists - It’s A Hit
As a recent We Are Scientists convertee, this will be a bit of a raging ‘OMG THEY’RE SOOOO GOOD’ affair, but hopefully said a little more articulately. So. This song is fantastic. It had damn well better be a hit, or there is something wrong with most of the music-buying public. Well, that could’ve been left unsaid, I suppose. But anyway. There is just the right amount of everything – dance, indie, rock, pop – all mixed up with a splenderific riff, fun lyrics and a catchy-as-bird-flu-amongst-pigeons chorus. On the front of my copy of 'With Love And Squalor', it declares something like they’re 'going to steal the dance-floor from under the feet of their contemporaries’. I wholeheartedly agree. We Are Scientists have found something different to do amidst the sea of sameish dross out there, and they are snarling and biting to protect it. S’alright boys, it’s all yours.

Single of the Week
Funeral For A Friend - Roses For The Dead [7” only]
I saw Funeral For A Friend on the 2nd February (yes, they were very fabulous), and as this song was announced there was a roar of excited appreciation. Y’know why? Because it’s an absolute stormer. Turn it up loud and let that riff infect your ears. Let Matt Davies’ raw, painfully passionate vocals batter your mind. Wow. A lot deeper than it appears both on listening to it and watching the video, the lyrics stab deep and leave you bleeding interpretations. Juvenile lyrics? No way. Simplicity doesn’t mean idiocy. ‘We’re all suckers for tragedies… and this story will sell a few hundred papers.’ Ouch. This is a multi-faceted reflection of glorified false depression, genuine misunderstood struggles, peer pressure, lack of freedom, abundance of creative smothering, parental ignorance, snowballing dehumanisation, and the twisted world preoccupation with, and celebration of, the obscene. The fourth single from the phenomenal 'Hours' doesn’t just pack a punch; it's a blackbelt in some kind of complicated and respected martial art and is about to give you what for. Four minutes of brutal, sinisterly beautiful emotional uproar that will wreck you if you let it. Sure, you can listen to it and think ‘emo drivel’ all you want, but if you can’t see any further into Funeral For A Friend than that, then I pity you. One of the very best bands we have with an incessantly brilliant repertoire of modestly profound songs. Hats off to you, gentlemen.

I also recommend the singles by Maximo Park and Delays.