Monday, February 06, 2006

Hannah's Single of the Week (06/02/06)

We're into February - hurrah! The charts are back in full swing, having sufficient numbers of new entries, but still prone to the odd twist - a humungous climb from The Ordinary Boys, and the oddity of a single climbing to take the top spot, for example. In more personal news, we've surpassed 30,000 hits on WL! Thanks to everyone who's ever visited, commented, linked us or told their friends. It's probably less than Fluxblog get in a week, but hey - we're only a little blog!

Special Mention:
Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down (official site and video)
Roughly 18 months ago, a few of my teenage college buddies reckoned they’d discovered the next greatest thing in the world of music – Fall Out Boy. My usual reaction to this sort of thing is to nod and smile. More pop punk beloved of the semi-emo kids? Rrrright. However, in the last few months, this re-release (currently in the top 40 on download sales alone) has been unavoidable. On the radio, on the music channels, on CD:UK… Oh dear. The emo kids don’t like it when their favourite music goes mainstream. But hey – I can understand that. It would irritate me too to see all and sundry claiming they love a band when they’ve only heard one song. So what about the song itself? Well, it’s incredibly catchy (I’ve found myself singing it at random moments) but for all the hype it’s getting, it’s just a generic piece of pop punk with largely indiscernible vocals. Enjoyable, but ultimately meaningless.

Single of the Week:
Kubb - Grow (official site)
The British press have been telling us for MONTHS now that Kubb will be the next big thing. So far they haven’t really lived up to the promise. Their singles ‘Remain’ and ‘Wicked Soul’ charted at 45 and 25 respectively. Respectable positions, sure, but hardly 'the next big thing'. However, with the immense mainstream appeal of ‘Grow’ they’ve made the A list on several radio stations and their album’s been steadily climbing up the top 75. Deserved? Maybe. While ‘Grow’ is nothing original, and the band themselves have been labeled as a sub-standard Keane (or in my opinion, Keane with less plonky-piano-type-oomph) it’s one of those irresistable lighter waving stadium anthems reminiscent of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’. It’s all in the chorus, the backing choir and the strings. Trust me.

MP3 Time: Kubb covered 'Mother' as part of a series of covers of tracks penned by John Lennon. It was available with Q Magazine in the latter part of last year and also as the b-side of their 'Wicked Soul' single. 'Mother' may be the title of their debut LP, but oddly this song doesn't feature on there. However, it does feature all three singles, and is available from HMV - a snip at £6.99. [mp3]

Give it a miss:
El Presidente - Turn This Thing Around (official site - includes video)
The general consensus on this one appears to be ‘shit band – great song’. I beg to disagree. I originally had high hopes for El Presidente and I’m usually a fan of glam-pop, but while the verse of this song shows great promise, the chorus is not only uninventive, but repetitive to the point of annoyance. ‘Without You’ was a good single, and this isn’t even as half as good as that.

Mew - Why Are You Looking Grave? (official site - includes video)
These Danes have yet to break into the UK top 40, even if they came close with last year’s fabulous single, ‘Special’, charting at 46. This song looks unlikely to do any better, considering that with the sheer amount of material crammed onto their maxi CD, there’s a good chance it won’t be chart eligble. This song’s a weaker single, but the video’s still worth a watch. They’ve got a cool creepy surrealist vibe going on. Animal faces and explosions - great stuff. Great cover, too.

All Releases:
Absent Kids - Shame On Us All/Quiet Playground, Alarm MMVI - Superchannel, Allure - Hate 2 Love U/Uh Oh, Antony Costa - Do You Ever Think Of Me?, Bullet For My Valentine - All These Things I Hate (Resolve Around Me), Claude McLin - Jambo, Colder - To The Music, Cornershop Ft Rowetta - Wop The Groove, David Banner - Play, El Presidente - Turn This Thing Around, Fall Out Boy - Sugar We’re Going Down, Jimi Jameson - I’m Always Here, Joey Negro - Make A Move On Me, Kbc - Price Before The Fall, Kubb - Grow, Liam Frost - She Painted Pictures, Lost Witness Ft Tiff Lacey - Love Again, Meck - Thunder In My Heart Again, Meet.John.Doe - Meet.John.Doe, Mew - Why Are You Looking Grave, Michael Stipe Ft Chris Martin & Joseph Arthur - In The Sun [Download only], Ron Hall & The Mutherfunkerz - The Way You Love Me, Sebastian Tellier - Broadway, Skindred - Pressure, Soundcode - Mystery, The Source Ft Candi Staton - You Got The Love, Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Last Goodbye, Take That - Relight My Fire, tATu - Friend Or Foe, Television Personalities - All The Young Children On Crack [7” only], Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly, West End Girls - West End Girls/Domino Dancing, Ying Yang Twins Ft Pitbull - Shake

What's your single of the week?