Friday, February 17, 2006

Hannah's Single of the Week...or not.

It's all too easy for me to pick Friday Hill this week and moan about the 'second draft of Blazin Squad', so I won't. I also can't write a coherent argument for why I can't stand the Humanzi single. I just can't listen to it. For all it's jerkiness and agressiveness it's even more dull and boring than your average James Blunt output. So, rather fittingly, this is going to be a short, rather dull post, I'm afraid as I've been busy...and now I'm ill, which is just fabulous, really.

Hannah instead recommends:
Goldfrapp - Ride On A White Horse
There appears to be a recurring horse theme when it comes to Goldfrapp. This means Lewis can get away with terrible equine puns on a regular basis. This single, the third from 'Supernature' certainly isn't as drab as its predecessor, 'Number One'. In fact, it's not bad at all, but the video is.

Boy Kill Boy - Back Again
Packed with melodic oomph, and channeling the same electro-indie vibes and dodgy haircuts as Protocol, it's pretty obvious I'm going to like Boy Kill Boy.

Regina Spektor - Us
Staccato piano, a soaring strings-filled crescendo and a charming vocal performance. Lovely.

PS. God, weren't the Brits such a farce? The best thing about the whole event was probably Tamsin Greig (Black Books star and general amazing lady) presenting an award or perhaps the fact that the frontman from We Are Scientists gave the acceptance speech for the Arctic Monkeys' award and NOBODY SEEMED TO NOTICE! Mind you, my lovely mother messed up the taping so I missed everything after halfway through the performance 'Dirty Harry'...