Monday, February 20, 2006

Lewis's single to avoid (20/02/06)

U2 - 'Original Of The Species'
Why do we bother with U2? This band, lest we forget, features both the sanctimonious Bono and a man who still calls himself 'The Edge', despite being well into his forties. As if this wasn't enough, these glorified teenagers are responsible for records like 'Original Of The Species'. Not only does it have a dreadful title; it is also overblown, garish and lyrically incompetent all in the same breath. 'I'll give you everything you want / Except the thing that you want' Bono groans, over some dull AOR instrumentation that could almost have been written by Simply Red. If U2 are evidence of organic evolution and the survival of the fittest - dare I say it, Darwin was wrong.