Friday, March 24, 2006

Albums Round-Up 2006 - Delays - You See Colours

Delays - You See Colours
The Delays' first album, 'Faded Seaside Glamour', a record recommended by my English teacher, of all people, became one of my favourite albums of 2004. This eagerly anticipated followup takes a sharp turn away from the wistful dreaminess on the band's debut and instead reaches for the dizzying heights of disco friendly electropop. The joys of indie and pop merge into one, and God, it's good. Right from the stirring emotional storm of opening track 'You And Me' you know you're in for something special. Aside from the opener, standout tracks include disco-stomper and former WL single of the week/month/year so far, 'Valentine', the incredibly bouncy next single 'Hideaway' and the critics' favourite 'Lillian' but the album's consistantly strong throughout.

Many critics have dismissed the Delays as being too 'saccharine' - maybe true, but I think that's the whole point. 'You See Colours' is the musical equivalent of a handful of Haribo and hey - I like Haribo! The only catch, really, is a few of the tracks have so much going on they can become somewhat overwhelming on first listen and the stunning falsetto of frontman Greg Gilbert can sometimes get a little lost in the mix. Still, it's a perfect excuse to listen again, isn't it? This is a proper pop album - one of those records that could bring both the pop and the indie kids together and whaddya know? It's my favourite record of the year so far.

MP3 Time:
Lost In The Melody have a gig bootleg and some acoustic session tracks in their downloads section. My favourite of the session tracks is 'Out Of Nowhere'. While 'Hideaway' doesn't sound quite right, 'Out Of Nowhere' translates really well to acoustic. (Thanks Michael.)