Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hannah's Single of the Week (20/03/06)

Before I begin - listen up G4. This is how you cover 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Not by blandifying the whole thing and getting rid of most of the guitars. Thank you Flaming Lips. (And thanks to the ever fabulous Take Your Medicine)


It's a slow time of year. Big releases are few and far-between, and Sunday was a day of record breaking sales. Well, lack of sales, really. Orson's 'No Tomorrow' finally hit the top spot after a three week climb (each week - it's interesting to note - still experiencing a decline in sales) and is now the record to sell the least copies whilst holding the number one spot. With just less than 18,000 copies sold, it's even a couple of thousand under the record set by Elvis Presley last year.

There was also only one 'new' entry in the top 10, courtesy of Girls Aloud, thanks to 'download only' singles. So, what about this week? One of the dreariest singles in a band's career is heading for the top spot, Michael Jackson is still re-releasing his back-catalogue Presley-style to increasingly positive effect and...there's not much else out, really. Damn.

Special Mentions:
The Strokes - Heart In A Cage (official site and video)
Once before I was won over by Nick Valensi's intricate guitarwork. That was when The Strokes released 'Reptilia'. Instantly impressed with the lead riff, the solo, and the song itself, I dashed out to buy 'Room On Fire'. What a disappointment, eh? This is another Strokes song where the lead guitar IS the lead guitar, rather than masked by the sometimes-muddy rhythm. Julian's vocals are still as mumbly as ever, so it's up to the guitar to bring some real clarity to the song. However, while there's essentially nothing wrong with 'Heart In A Cage' it's pretty much the American equivalent of anything the Stereophonics released after 'Dakota'. It's good, sure, but it's completely dwarfed by the album's lead single.

Single of the Week:
Pink - Stupid Girls (official site and video)
I've already made comment on the video accompanying this track, but this isn't all about the video, oh no. After the majority of the single releases from her third album 'Try This' failed to make much of an impact and the album sales, in comparison with 'Misundaztood', were pitiful, it was vital that Pink re-invented herself once again. Scrapping the odd combo of punk-pop and power ballads Pink has almost returned to her R&B roots with one of her catchiest and most talked about single releases to date. With a tongue-in-cheek attack on the celeb culture that allows you to be famous just for being ditzy, cute and blonde 'Stupid Girls' is a lyrically witty song with a bit of a message behind it too. And, ignoring the little girl in the video favouring an american football to make-up and dolls, it doesn't come across as particularly corny. Of course, with a song that manages to simultaneously mock Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson et al I'm hardly going to complain, but this is more that that. It's genuinely funny and also great fun.

All Releases:
Amadou & Mariam – Coulibaly, Amy Wadge – A Design For Life / Keep On Ticking, Arthur Baker feat. Tim Wheeler – Glow, Crosbi – Sonny, Embrace – Nature’s Law, Erasure – Boy, Fields - Song For The Fields [7" Only], Fizzgig - Sympathy EP, Flaws – No Room, Four Story - Hand On My Heart/Tracks Of My Tears [Full Release], G4 & Lesley Garrett – Barcelona: Mothers Day EP [Download], Good Shoes – We Are Not The Same, Killing Joke - Hosannas From The Basement Of Hell, Lacuna Coil – Our Truth, Ladyfuzz - Bouncy Ball, The Low Frequency In Stereo – Astro Kopp, Lupen Crook – Love 80, Massari – Be Easy, Mattafix – To & Fro, Michael Jackson – Bad, Muthafunkaz feat. Marc Evans – I Don’t Want You Anymore, M.V.P. – Bounce, Shake, Move, Stop, Nelly feat. Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp – Grillz, Ne*Yo – So Sick, New Young Pony Club – Get Lucky, Nouvelle Vague – I Melt With You/Teenage Kicks, Oceansize – New Pin, The Organ – Brother, Pink – Stupid Girls, Rammstein – Mann Gegen Mann, Richard Hawley – Born Under A Bad Sign, Satomi feat. Doc Brown – Oh, Sean Paul – Temperature, Shania Twain - Shoes, The Strokes – Heart In A Cage, Suffrajets – Going Nowhere, Tahiti 80 – Big Day, Trivium – Dying In Your Arms, Vanlustbader – Rock N Roll Part 3, The Vines - Gross Out [Download Only: 21/03/06], The Vineyards – Good Rock For Good People, Winter Roberts – Head In Your Clouds/A Hundred Miles A Minute, Winterville – Breathe [7" Only], Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Gold Lion