Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hannah's Single of the Week (27/03/06)

Special Mentions:
Editors - 'All Sparks'
(official site - includes video - click 'music')
I like this week's single from Editors, despite the fact it's a bit lacking in originality (let's face it - despite being kings of icy-cool 'gothic-indie' - they're not the best at variety) and like the others it's very much a grower. With every listen you can definitely pick out more of the subtleties that aren't apparent first time round. If you're a fan of the band, you'll like it, but if you haven't been captivated thus far, this single isn't going to change your mind. They should have released 'Fingers In The Factories', shouldn't they?

The Kooks - 'Naive' (official site and video)
Curly-haired indieboys, The Kooks, are back with a new single - 'Naïve'. Tom Baker is doing the voiceover for the ad (he gets about a bit, doesn't he?) which you can't really escape at the minute, making me think the record company are really giving this band a push. Deservedly so - they've produced a series of solid, catchy singles and apparently the album's pretty good too. It's actually already in the chart at 28 on download sales alone - impressive considering that equals the first week placing of 'Sofa Song' (combined singles and downloads) back in October.

Other stuff:
I used to really dislike Morrissey (I know, I know, don't shoot me), but this new single of his is good stuff, with a truly fabulous chorus. Secret Machines' 'Lightning Blue Eyes' also made an impression on me, even though I've only heard it once. That's always the sign of a good single. The Streets' new one - 'When You Wasn't Famous' has a catchy sample, and a few amusing and clever lines, but I still think Mike Skinner is tremendously overrated. If he was the modern equivalent of Shakespeare that the press claim him to be he would just not use the phrase 'big, wide smile'. It just sounds so rushed and childish.

Single of the Week:
The Pipettes - Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me (official site - includes video)
Last year, The Pipettes released their first top 75 single, and what a fine single it was. 'Dirty Mind' packed wit, intelligence, melody and a dance routine into one three-minute-long package. So while this 'new' single (a re-recorded live favourite) from the three girls fond of polka-dot attire doesn't have the same lyrical bite as its predecessor, it still manages to be amazing. It doesn't actually matter that the song isn't as smart, the 'and you might cry...' bit is adorable and it's still incredibly catchy. I've actually gone out and bought the CD this week and was pleasantly surprised to learn the tracklisting on the sleeve is a misprint. As well as the single itself, and the promised acoustic version of 'Dirty Mind', you also get an acoustic version of 'Judy' (an earlier limited edition single) which happens to be one of my favourite Pipettes songs. The CD's worth it for that alone. The vinyl's also a fabulous shade of green - just thought you should know.

MP3 time:
Heaps of Pipettes mp3-shaped goodies are floating around on the net. We recommend using The Hype Machine to have a broader look, but if you're after one great song in particular - it's this one. There's an acoustic version of it on the b-side of one of the formats of 'Your Kisses...' but this is the original. It's about tagging along with that girl who keeps getting all the boys. I think I knew (and tagged along with) that girl, too, but her name wasn't Judy. ;)
The Pipettes - Judy (Wotcha Gonna Do?) [mp3 link expired]

All Releases:
Andy Abraham – Hang Up, Arthur Baker feat. Tim Wheeler - Glow, The Automatic – Raoul, Big Strides – Let's Get Nice, Broken Social Scene – 7/4 Shoreline, Cagedbaby – Hello There, The Cinematics – Break, Clearlake – Neon, Copyright feat. Imaani – Bring Me Love, David Gray – Alibi, David Morales – How Would U Feel, Deepgroove - Fascinated, Depeche Mode – Suffer Well, Editors – All Sparks, Guillemots – We’re Here, Imperial Vipers – Jewels, Jimmy Johnstone, Jim Kerr, Simple Minds & Laura McGhee - Tribute To Jinky EP, Keith Urban – You’ll Be Thinking Of Me, The Kooks – Naïve, KoRn – Coming Undone, Ludes – Never Had A Chance, Michael Jackson – The Way You Make Me Feel, Milburn - Send In The Boys, Morrissey – You Have Killed Me, Muthafunkaz feat. Marc Evans - I Don't Want You Anymore, Neils Children – Another Day, Newton Faulkner – Full Fat EP, Nine Horses – Wonderful World, Open Air feat. Gran'ma Funk - Hi Roller, Peven Everett – Stuck, Pipettes – Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me, Prince/Tamar feat. Prince – Black Sweat/Beautiful, Loved & Blessed, Royal Ballet Sinfonia – Radio 4 UK Theme, Rogers Sisters – Never Learn To Cry, Seal Cub Clubbing Club – Celine EP, Secret Machines - Lightning Blue Eyes, Semifinalists – You Said [7" Only], Smoosh – La Pump, Soulshaker – Hypnotic Erotic Games, The Streets – When You Wasn’t Famous, Suffrajets - Going Nowhere, T Pain - I'm Sprung, Two Gallants – Steady Rollin’, Veldt – Walking In Silence, Walker Brothers - Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore