Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hannah's Videowatch (Volume 2)

I like nothing better than to sit in front of the TV, flick through the music channels, and severely annoy anyone else who happens to be sat on the sofa at the time. Here's what I've been watching and enjoying recently:

1) Boy Least Likely To - Be Gentle With Me (see the video)
Originally due for release a few weeks ago, it's now been put back for some time in April. I'm not complaining - it means we get to see this fabulously twee and wonderfully colourful video. So, imagine you're trying to impress a girl. You've just got one problem - you're a marionette and all your movement is caused by your bandmate, who appears to be hanging from the nearest tree. Thus, you've got severely impaired dance moves and you end up thrusting a bunch of flowers into your date's face. Meanwhile, a group of brightly coloured animal puppets are playing your song. It's inevitable the girl's going to go off with the bunny rabbit, isn't it?
(It's one of the most fantastic videos of this year so far - go watch!)

2) Snow Patrol - You're All That I Have (see the video)
The best thing about Snow Patrol videos is charting the growth of frontman Gary Lightbody's hair. Throughout the 'Final Straw' era it grew from being short-n-sensible and expanded into a long curly mass coming dangerously close to Brian May territory. So, you'll be happy to know it's still curly, but at least Gary's hair looks somewhat tamed in this new Snow Patrol video. And, oddly enough, it's a Snow Patrol video with what appears to be a sizeable budget, because this time we have special effects (let's hear it now - oooooh!). The band's performance is electrifying. Literally. Confident, well-dressed and putting on an exciting show - I'm so glad Snow Patrol are back.

3) The Raconteurs - Steady As She Goes (see video - go to media section)
You're off to a great start when you open a music video with footage of cows, aren't you? Fabulous. Can't go wrong with a few cows. This slightly grainy and simplistic video from Jack White and Brendan Benson's side-project is a nice change from the usual eccentrically arty and highly polished videos we've come to expect from the White Stripes. Even Brendan's usually have some clever little element to them. But no, this is The Raconteurs. They're playing in a tiny room with Jack White pretending he's not a rock megastar, but a member of a new (but - let's admit it - hyped up to the eyeballs) indie band with their first video. Things to watch out for include Jack's hair (virtually like the straightened style he had a few years ago) and Brendan's hat. I like Brendan's hat, not that it's going to give him any extra status and prove his position as joint-frontman. It's quite sad that all the fuss is about Jack, when this is just as much Brendan's (and the other boys' - let's not forget them!) baby as it is his.

4) Coldplay - The Hardest Part (see the video)
Considering the doom and gloom of recent Coldplay videos (let's face it - the last three have been shot pretty much in the dark) it's wonderful to see the band clad in sunglasses and performing in the bright sunlight of Tampa, Florida. They look very much the confident rock band, and it makes you realise just how much they've moved on since 'Shiver'. Chris Martin's mass of hair may be back, but this time it looks strangely cool. However, don't despair thinking 'The Hardest Part' is just another Coldplay performance vid (yawn, yawn - we've seen this a gazillion times before) because this time there's another element that leaves you wondering 'is this for real?'. I won't tell you what it is, because it'll spoil the surprise, but it's the most delightfully odd and beautifully shot video they've produced in a long time. What I want to know though - is the 'additional element' new footage made to look old, or old footage with the band added in?

5) Charlotte Church - Moodswings (see the video)
It's already out as a single, and the video's been around for nearly a couple of months now, but it's still incredibly watchable, and everytime you can spot something new. I feel sorry for Charlotte, because it looks like one of the most repetitive and boring videos to shoot. Most bands/singers have to shoot their performance bits many, many times, but imagine doing that not just in one costume, but loads of them. Fortunately for us, it makes for great watching, seeing Charlotte and her co-star's costumes changing every beat, often with hilarious results. Brilliant.