Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hannah's Videowatch

Our lovely Elz is taking a break away from the 'net for a while, so to liven WL up a bit I'm going to tell you a little bit about some great music videos from some equally promising forthcoming singles...

1) The Zutons - Why Don't You Give Me Your Love? (video here)
The vid for this lead single from the band's second album is a fantastic West Side Story style dance vid starring frontman David McCabe and saxophonist Abi Harding as leaders of opposing gangs. There's dancing down the street, choreographed headturns, a fight between the two band members and several shots of David looking a little uncomfortable with the requirement of movement. Bless him. This is why I'm adamant he has a body double when the camera takes a bird's eye view. Ahem.

2) Protocol - Love Is My Drug (video here)
The 80s electropop revivalists follow up their fantastic single 'Where's The Pleasure?' with a bizarre, slightly cheap-n-sleazy looking video where you can also actually see the hideous haircuts in the light of day. Scary stuff. It is, to be truthful, the band's worst video to date, especially since they seem to be playing the 'let's use sexy nurses' card, but then again, some people like that sort of thing.

3) Pink - Stupid Girls (video here)
If you haven't seen this already - where have you been? Pink's latest single is one of those songs that was just MADE for video. There's mocking of Jessica Simpson (you can see why we like it!), Lindsay Lohan and several other 'stupid girls'. Comical, tongue-in-cheek and incredibly silly, but with a bit of a message - it's nice to see Pink returning to her pop roots.

4) Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen (video here)
Franz Ferdinand, always a band to make full, proper use of the video medium, have relaxed the creativity a bit for their new single. However, that doesn't mean that their latest vid isn't up to scratch. Incorporating live footage, scowling and a lot of marching around with guitars, it certainly isn't as arty as 'Walk Away' or all-out crazy as 'Do You Want To?' but it's far better than your average performance vid.

5) Belle And Sebastian - The Blues Are Still Blue (video here)
Oh Belle & Sebastian, how I love thee. The video for 'Funny Little Frog' was fantastic, but you're just about topped that here, haven't you? The new single 'The Blues Are Still Blue' has one of those extremely satisfying videos you can watch again and again and again, because there's so much going on. Themed around the happenings in a launderette, this video is essentially the guide to 20 (at a rough guess) silly things you can do with a washing machine. Y'know, wash a dog, grow a tomato plant, get married, make candyfloss - that sort of thing. One of the most incredibly well-thought-out vids I've seen so far this year.