Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hannah's Videowatch (Volume 3)

Welcome to Volume 3 (what's this? a feature that's actually lasted more than two posts!?) of my videowatch, the feature where I pick out great videos, regardless of whether the music's any good or not. There are some really cracking videos doing the rounds at the moment. Here are a few of the best.

1) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California (video)
The Red Hot Chilis are no strangers to making a great music video or indeed prancing around like idiots in order to make one. For the video for new single 'Dani California' they're doing it again, making a performance vid into something a little more by playing dress-up and imitating various bands. What's more is they do it to great comic effect. If you've ever wondered what the RHCPs would look like if they were an bespecled rock n roll band, goths, glam-rockers, camp 80s popsters or even Nirvana then this video is an absolute joy. Well, apart from Mr Kiedis in lipstick. That's just wrong.

2) Arctic Monkeys - View From The Afternoon (video)
I'm not sure if it's the intention, but this video does one thing, if nothing else. For the first time in a long while I really listened to, and appreciated, what a drummer can put into a song. A really great music video is one that makes you appreciate the music more because of it, and despite the simplicity of the Monkeys' latest output it really is astonishingly effective. That is all.

3) Jim Noir - My Patch (video - go to 'listen/watch')
Imagine you've stepped off the bus, flowers in hand, ready to meet your sweetheart, and you find the neighbourhood deserted, windows broken, and eggshells all over the pavement. Surely there's been some sort of riot? Oh, except they're giant eggshells and suddenly giant eggs are pelting you from all sides. What on earth is going on? Well, I don't want to spoil it for you but there are ever-so-slightly dodgy special effects, a fight sequence (of sorts), and a rather predictable-but-funny twist right at the end. Watch this. It's BRILLIANT.

4) Delays - Hideaway (video)
Considering their last video was the crazily trip-like accompaniment for 'Valentine', Delays have decided to do something a little more real but um...equally nonsensical with follow-up 'Hideaway'. Essentially it's some sort of modern day re-telling of Spartacus. Well, there are some secret agent types attempting to track (well, they're rather rubbish at it) a teenage lad named Spartacus, so I presume that's what it's about. There's no slave revolt or anything. However, there's lots of cruising in convertibles and standing around looking pretty with sunglasses on. Oh, and there's a random sportsbag with a mysterious glow inside. The band keep cropping up - they're clearly related to the plot in some way, but it's not entirely clear how. However, the video itself really brings across the joyously summery feel of the band's new single. Lovely.

5) Hot Chip - Boy From School (video)
This is an Art Attack. This is an Art Attack. This is...ART ATTACK!

Okay...I couldn't resist. Such a potent memory of my childhood being resurrected through the medium of music vid is just too brilliant for me not to! Kudos to Hot Chip for churning out two great, innovative videos on the trot. This latest one is essentially one marvellous big Art Attack (remember - when Neil used to cover the ground with all sorts of sand, fabrics and objects to create a huge - and often very clever - picture) with the band dressed up as caveman with buttons for nipples. Giant inflatable bananas, lots of sand and painted umbrellas are also used. The final result is rather fantastic. Of course, the joy is in working out what it's going to be!