Monday, April 10, 2006

Lewis's Single(s) to avoid (10/04/06)

God, there's some rubbish out this week. I've filtered through the dustbins of pop, but sadly I'm unable to find one particular dead dog to gorge myself on. So I present a most delightful melange of feebleness and frippery that you may consume at will. We kick off with Coldplay's 'The Hardest Part', a fairly mundane R.E.M. pastiche that rhymes 'part' with 'part' in the very first line, before dropping in 'start', 'heart' and 'apart'. Nice going, Chris. And now you've got a kid called Moses. But let us move on. Lady Sovereign's 'Blah Blah' is illiterate, style-infested spasticity, but it will probably be adored by metropolitan types who think that text-talk is the forefront of 'cutting-edge'. Then we have The Crimea's single, which isn't terrible, but is somewhat static and could have done with a little more energy. So, whatever's left? There's Gorillaz, whose 'El MaƱana' drifts by without ever calling attention to itself, and Hard-Fi, who are just a deeply unpleasant band. The crowning glory of this miserable week? Shayne Ward and 'No Promises'. Dear oh dear. I think I'll go live on the moon until next Monday.