Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hannah's Single of the Week (01/05/06)

Apart from being something of a monumental re-release week (Kubb, Sigur Ros, We Are Scientists) it's also a fairly good week for singles from emerging bands. Captain release 'Broke', Forward Russia! release 'Nine' and Panic! At The Disco follow-up their hit single 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' with another long-titled tune - 'But It's Better If You Do'. Also, for the sheer sake of it (and if I featured it in a videowatch you'd think I'd gone mad) please go and watch the hilariously awful video for 'Somebody's Watching Me' by Beatfreakz. It's a cheesy dance video/Thriller rip-off being taken to a whole new tragically corny level. Great for a laugh.

Special Mentions:
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California (official site and video)
There isn't much of a point in reviewing this, is there? If you've got radio or digital TV it's been pretty much impossible to avoid 'Dani California' by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band's huge crossover appeal lets them get everywhere, and get everywhere they most certainly do. Hey, and you know what happens when I song is practically unavoidable? You get sick of it pretty quickly. As catchy and radio-friendly as it is, there's nothing particularly special about it and, as Lewis said, it sounds like an amalgamation of several of their previous hits.

Jenny Lewis - You Are What You Love (official site)
So...from major overexposure to very little exposure at all. You have to be looking pretty hard to catch Jenny Lewis. After a small tour of the UK and cropping up on the odd late night radio show, the Rilo Kiley vocalist doesn't even appear to have made a video for this second single from 'Rabbit Fur Coat'. She is, however, cropping up on Later With Jools Holland this Friday, so keep a look out for that. Hopefully she'll be performing this gorgeous single, showcasing her marvellous country-tinged vocals and the lush harmonies provided by The Watson Twins.

Re-release extreme appreciation mania:
Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla (official site and video)
Now better known as the music (and a perfect choice, if I do say so myself) for the BBC's highly successful 'Planet Earth' series, 'Hoppipolla' has gained more exposure in those few weeks than prior to its original release. In fact, the song (originally charting at 35) re-entered the chart 17 weeks later on download sales alone and lingered around the lower reaches of the chart for nearly a month. It will be very interesting to see just how well the re-release of this beautiful song does. Oh, and I'm loving the gorgeous artwork, too.

We Are Scientists - Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt (official site- includes video and very funny band blog)
Charting at 56 in the summer of 2005, 'Nobody Move...' was followed by two top 40 hits. It was pretty inevitable that the record company were going to attempt to release it again and, from what I've seen, things are looking up. Despite the album never making much of a chart impact, it's been getting a discounted price and a lot of advertising on TV (in a similar fashion to Editors earlier in the year) and the video's been lodged in the top 10 of mtv2's NME chart for some time, even making the summit. I guess it's the appeal of seeing a skinny indie band being chased down the street by a man in a bear costume, eh?

Single of the Week:
Feeder - Lost And Found (official site - includes video)
It's by no means the best single Feeder have ever done. In fact, it's far from it. However, the fact Feeder have released 'Lost And Found' to coincide with their singles collection is something to be celebrated, simply because it's a wonderful change and shows there's life in them yet. Consider this - so many recent Feeder singles (in fact, nearly every single from 2003 onwards) have been slow indie ballads sounding even more like Coldplay with every release. This isn't necessarily always a bad thing, but Feeder are capable of rocking, powerchord-heavy, rifftastic songs like 'Lost and Found', and it's nice to hear one of them on the Radio 1 playlist. I certainly won't be confusing this with the latest Athlete release!

All Releases: (ones I've heard in bold)
Adam Green – Nat King Cole, Beatfreakz – Somebody’s Watching Me, Big Brovaz – Hangin’ Around, Brigade – Magneto, Captain – Broke, Feeder – Lost And Found, Forward Russia – Nine, Gentleman – Superior, Ghostly Man – Capital / Advice From Strangers, Goldfrapp – Fly Me Away, Grasp – Breaking Down The Walls, Hot Puppies - The Girl Who Was Too Beautiful, Howling Bells - Blessed Night, Hugh Trowsers Band – Living The Dream, Ivories – Heartstrings, Jenny Lewis – You Are What You Love, Jessica Moon – Eyes On You, Jim Noir – My Patch, Joseph Arthur – Can’t Exist, Junkbox – Guru (EP), Justice – Waters Of Nazareth, Kubb – Remain, Laura Michelle Kelly - There Was A Time, Michael Jackson – Remember The Time, Mocky – Fightin’ Away The Tears, Panic! At The Disco - But It's Better If You Do, Rattlesnake Remedy – Drag You Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dani California, Shack – Tie Me Down (7”), Shane – The Weight Of This / I Am The Man, Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla, Soul Avengerz – Sing (EP), Southside Hustlers – Right Before My Eyes, T Pain – I’m Sprung, This Is Seb Clarke – Fall, Tim McGraw – When The Stars Go Blue, We Are Scientists – Nobody Move Nobody Gets Hurt